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ADSS Safety and Security Policy

In line with our School Vision of Values-Centric, Thinking School, Admiralty Secondary School is committed to providing ‘A Safe and Secure School for All’; an environment which is conducive for learning and working for all students, staff and stakeholders. Our mission is nurturing a culture of Safety and Security Awareness among students, staff and stakeholders and to equip our students and staff with the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies so that everyone can take responsibility for their own safety and security.  

Guided by our school’s core values (LIGHTS), our students and staff contribute towards elevating the standards of safety and security in the school as follows:

Life-long Learning  learning and familiarising safety and security procedures and practices

Integrity         knowing and doing the right things to keep the environment safe and secure

Graciousness demonstrating care for the safety and security of self and others 

High Expectations putting in effort to maintain high standards of vigilance and safety and security practices

Teamwork cooperating with the school by reporting defects and safety and security hazards

Self-discipline taking responsibility for own safety and security at all times

The following strategies operationalise the Safety and Security Vision and Mission:

  • Establishing clear procedures, processes and instructions for safety and security practices
  • Communicating the school safety and security plans and ensuring compliance of relevant students, staff and stakeholders
  • Developing and maintaining a strong safety and security culture that is pervasive throughout the school