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Principal's Message

Dear Admirals,

Welcome to another exciting year of learning in 2018! This year, we continue our journey as a Values-Centric, Thinking School through discharging our mission of empowering YOU to actualise your aspirations. We are committed to helping you realise your targets, goals and dreams for this year.

All Admirals enjoy engaged learning through our unique ADSS Total 21CC Curriculum which comprises of:

  1.  Academic Curriculum complemented by applied Learning Programme (ALP) – Design Thinking through Technology Innovation, that prepares all Admirals as Solution Designers in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related professions, and
  2. Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Curriculum complemented by Learning for Life Programme (LLP) – Nurturing Mindful Leadership through Community Outreach anchored with our school values of Life-long Learning, Integrity, Graciousness, High Expectations, Teamwork and Self-discipline (LIGHTS). Admirals are progressively equipped with leadership principles and practices derived from Kouzes and Posner’s “The Leadership Challenge” from Sec 1 to their graduating year and applies them mindfully in their Values-in-Action community projects.

Our unique ADSS Total Curriculum “future proofs” all students with relevant Skills future competencies and nurtures every student into Confident, Concerned, Self-directed and Contributing Admirals.

Be mindful of our desired code of conduct and your actions that will make you an empathetic and mindful leader. I believe that every Admiral has the potential to learn and succeed.

May I wish every Admiral a meaningful and successful learning in 2018!