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English & Literature


Tagline: Every Admiral, an ever learning individual who communicates effectively

With the undeniable importance of the English Language in the 21st century, it is imperative for citizens of the world to be equipped with a high level of proficiency in the use and appreciation of Standard English. As such, in Admiralty Secondary School, we aim to prepare and provide our Admirals with a competitive edge in the employment of the language, both in terms of comprehension and construction of meaning, pivotal in ensuring their success in this ever progressing world. 




General framework

Based on the latest 2010 MOE EL syllabus, the ADSS ELL department focuses all strategies with the guiding principles of (1) spiral progression in terms of learning from Secondary 1 to 5, (2) contextualisation of the learning of skills in real-life and authentic situations and issues, (3) learner-centeredness to ensure that students’ learning needs are met and (4) integration of all skills such that learning is seamless. 


Reading Listening

In alignment with the school’s vision and mission, the English Language and Lietrature Department adopts the Langlit Approach introduced by MOE’s Curriculum and Planning Division to enhance the critical thinking skills of all Admirals. By studying rich texts and performing such critical analyses, Admirals are also able to appreciate the language and its nuances, making sense of the world.


By teaching the critical analysis of all multi-modal texts, Admirals are taught to question texts in a multi-faceted way by understanding the different aspects of the text from a macro to a micro level. This is done through the strategies of annotation of texts – a strategy with a unique ADSS framework to enhance the understanding of the construction of meaning (semantics) through language devices and the manipulation of linguistic techniques.

Speaking/ Writing

In order to make sense of the world and be involved in societal and global issues, Admirals are given the chance to critically analyse global issues of the world. They are taught to think through the issues, question assumptions and generate their opinions and possible solutions.

In Admiralty Secondary School, Admirals are encouraged to use thinking routines such as logic flow to aid in their analysis of real-world issues and consider multiple and alternative perspectives in authentic situations in a mindful manner. They also hone their presentation skills to articulate their opinions clearly and confidently.


IP Head              :Ms. Connie Sue (SH/EL & Lit, covering HOD
Teachers            : 
Ms. Najla Banu

 Mr. Adrian Tung
  Mr. Jacob Jonathan
  Ms. Hazel Peh
  Ms. Charmain Koh
 Mr.Lee Boon Leong 
  Mr. Abdul Salem Samat
  Ms. Chia Ji Ying
  Mdm. Tamil Selvi D/O Ramanujam
  Ms. Renuka D/O Raganathan
  Ms. Chew Wei Xin
  Mr. Achmad Nasrun
  Mr. Lim Ching Sen Jeremy
  Mr. Lai Kuok Liang
  Ms. Ong Hui Ping
  Ms. Phua Hui Hong Dorothy
  Mr. Paul Jeremiah (AED)
  Ms. Fazylah Rahman
  Mdm. Chen Jin Jing Wendy
  Ms. Diyanah Yunos


Outing to the Theatre

An annual highlight for our Secondary Three Express students who are taking Literature in English, Outing to the Theatre provide a chance for students to watch a play related to their curriculum. This gives them a chance to see what they are studying come alive!

Speaking Enrichment Programme

Held once a week during their English lessons, the speaking enrichment programme is conducted for our Secondary 1 and 2 students. They are encouraged to explore interpersonal issues and public speaking skills through drama techniques and activities.


Photo 1
Speaking Enrichment Programme (Photo 1 and 2 above and below)  

Photo 2

National Schools Literature Festival

A yearly affair, student participants will be thoroughly engaged through guest speeches, performances and concurrent competitions. With events such book trails, poetry slam, book parades and book debates, Admirals will get to showcase their talents and learn from their peers nation-wide.

Photo 1

Photo 2


Photo 3
Admirals at the National Schools Literature Festival (Photos 1 to 3 above)