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The Humanities Department of Admiralty Secondary School comprises the following subjects:

  • Combined Humanities (Social Studies, Geography and History Electives)
  • Elements of Business Studies (EBS)
  • Lower Secondary Geography and History
  • Lower Secondary Social Studies (Normal Technical)

The Humanities Department hinges an inquiry – based learning set within an authentic learning environment as its main Teaching and Learning approach. We believe that this will help our students to make sense of issues in the world that they live in. These societal issues cross not just disciplinary boundaries, but also national and geographical ones. By encouraging inquiry within an authentic learning environment, our students’ curiosity is sparked and this will lead them to question what they already know as well as what they would like to know about the issues.

Inquiry – based learning teaches our students how to gather accurate and relevant information, and to analyse them meaningfully through lenses that can provide new insights and understandings to these issues. This helps our students make well-reasoned, evidence-based conclusions that can be used to improve or better understand something, and to take action that benefits our society. Also, inquiry-based learning takes on a more reflective character as the Humanities invite different perspectives from people and different solutions to problems. Our Admirals are required to think critically about the evidences being used to support different conclusions and decisions.

Humanities Inquiry Approach  


IP Head             : Mdm Julianah Othman (HOD Humanities)
Teachers           : Geography Unit
Mdm Chia Ji Ying Nik

Mr Mansoor Bin Abdul Rahman
Mr Lai Kuok Liang 
Mdm Peh Shiyan, Hazel 
Mr Tung Cheng Boon Adrian
Mdm Zahara Bte Hosni

History Unit
Ms Dorothy Phua Hui Hong  
Ms Fazylah Binte Abd Rahman
Mr Mansoor Bin Abdul Rahman
Ms Najla Banu Binte Feroz Akbar Abdullah
Mr Ong Yi Jun
Mdm Radiah Binte Baba

Mr Tay Peiyong

Social Studies Unit
Mdm Chew Wei Xin
Mr Jacob Jonathan
Ms Koh Kia Li Charmaine
Mdm Tiong Rui Shan

Mdm Nurzafirah Binte Mohamad Zainal

Elements of Business Skills Unit
Mr Abdul Salem Bin Samat
Mr Ang Kar Wee
Mdm Nurzafirah Binte Mohamad Zainal


Lower Sec Geography, History and Social Studies (NT)

Integrated Humanities Group Investigation (IHGI)

The IHGI combines the processes for the Geographical and Historical Investigations (GI & HI) where our students investigate both the geographical and historical issues in one location. Students will analyse the GI and HI questions and plan their research, gather and select data, analyse data and construct their geographical and historical interpretations. The IHGI gives our students opportunities to appreciate the connection between Geography and History in the real – world application of geographical and historical knowledge and skills.  

Inquiry is recommended for the learning of concepts, skills and the exploration of issues in the SS N(T) syllabus. Inquiry-based learning helps students to become more critical about their thinking and their actions. Hence, they will be able to deliberate and offer well-grounded answers based on evidence in the study of issues. It also sustains the N(T) students’ interest as they would have the opportunity to investigate into an area of focus that is related to the world outside the classroom.


Sec 1 students using the Water Test Kit to find out the alkalinity of the water @ the Singapore River during their IHGI,
under the guidance
of the Humanities - Geography Unit.

Sec 1 students learning about the History of the Singapore River through the eyes of the various groups such as the Indian chettiar and Chinese coolies. The Humanities – History Unit conducted the role play for the learning of the students during their IHGI.

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Sec 2 students learning about the importance of public housing, its development and history, in the overall progress of Singapore as an independent country.

Upper Secondary

Combined Humanities: Social Studies, Geography and History Electives

(Inquiry within an Authentic Issue)

Inquiry-based learning in the Combined Humanities seeks to spark and build on students’ curiosity, so as to create meaningful learning. Questions are used to activate students’ prior knowledge and challenge their assumptions, as multiple perspectives are presented for their consideration. This in turn leads to the eliciting of students’ own questions out of curiosity. Thus, learning in the Combined Humanities is achieved through inquiry as it is driven by teachers’ and students’ questions to investigate, extract, analyse and synthesise information regarding issues, be they societal, geographical or historical in nature.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 10.10.05 PM.png

A sample of an inquiry – based learning worksheet on Public Housing for Sec 3 Social Studies students under the
theme of “Living in a Diverse Society”.


Sec 3 students checking out the relative humidity, the max or min temperature and the wind speed, using the Pocket Weather Tracker, to prove their hypothesis for their GI.

For the Upper Sec Humanities, students are also involved in competitions like the National Earthquake Competition organized by Singapore Polytechnic and The History Challenge organized by Bendemeer Sec. These competitions allow them to apply their learning of Geography and History into real life situations. In addition, our students have been involved in the Model Unite Nations Conference since 2013 where they are exposed to world affairs and appreciate the importance of a world body to address pertinent issues facing the various countries.

Sec 3 students giving their best at the National Earthquake Competition 2017 and the Model UN Conference 2017.

Elements of Business Skills (EBS)

(Authentic Learning Experience)

EBS provides an authentic learning experience by getting students involved in the EBS Learning Journey and the 2 Day 1 Night Travel and Tourism Learning Journey. These enable our students to experience first-hand what they have learnt in EBS, particularly in the Travel and Tourism industry.

During the EBS Learning Journey, e.g. Orchard Road, students are able to see and study the concepts that they have learnt in the classroom in action in real life. In addition, the 2 Day 1 Night Travel and Tourism Learning Journey includes a section where our students serve as Tour Guides to a group of elderly, giving them the opportunity learn the skills of being a tour guide. This also serves as an incentive program to motivate them to do well in their subject and be shortlisted.

C:\Users\S7438420Z\Desktop\Magazine_Newsletter_Website\EBS\IMG-20170725-WA0020.jpg C:\Users\S7438420Z\Desktop\Magazine_Newsletter_Website\EBS\IMG-20170725-WA0022.jpg Sec 3T students listening intently to the instructions given while also having fun on the trip @ Takashimaya Orchard for their EBS Learning Journey.