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Our Vision: Values Driven, Analytical Voyager

Our Mission: Developing Voyagers to conquer the Sea of Mathematics

The Mathematics Department adopts a student-centric approach with a focus in instilling a sense of Responsibility and Self Discipline for students taking Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. 

Students will go through a 3 stages process where they will be first exposed to programmes to promote Awareness and create Interest in the learning of Mathematics. An example of one such programme is the infused Experiential Learning Trip to Malacca. After which, they will be given ample opportunities to Build Confidence by applying what they learn in the likes of taking part in Mathematics competitions like SAMO and Math Competition for Normal Stream. The last lap of the 3 stages process involves the building of Rigor in preparing the student for their final goal in their Secondary School Education. Students are stretched based on their level of preparedness with specially selected teachers providing the guidance in order to achieve their dreamed outcome.  

In alignment school’s direction of 1-1 computing, ICT enriched lessons with the use of videos and quizzes are conducted to enhance the engagement of the lessons. E-learning portal (Ace-Learning) is also used to further reinforce the concept taught in class. We would like students to view the study of mathematics not just about route learning but about seeking the beauty of patterns and solving real life problem through mathematical modelling.


IP Head        :  Mdm Tan Chuen Wei (Mrs Goh) (HOD Mathematics)
Teachers      : Mr Chong Lee Soong
Mr Hong Chin Keat   
Mdm Arifa Binte Nazir
Mr Poon Lee Wang
Mdm Lim Ching Ching
Ms Diyana Jumahat
Ms Chan Bao Xuan
Mdm Ng Jing Min
 Ms Ong Hui Ping 
Mr Ang Kar Wee
Mr Jeremy Lim Ching Sen
Ms Lynette Yeo Yan Teng
Mr Ong Minyi Jamie
Ms Soo Zhi Yi
  Mdm Ong Lay Khim
Mr Marcus Goh Wei Ming
   Mdm Gee Wai Hoo
   Mr Ho Wai Kin
   Mdm Tham Yi Hui



Lower Secondary students started using their electronic gadgets like iPad and mobile phones to access e-books and other electronic form of resources for their mathematics lessons in 2016. They are able to use Apple and Android apps from Ace-Learning and NearPod to complete worksheets. 

Photo 1

Students playing chapteh and congkak at the game booths during Racial Harmony Day. (Photo 1 & 2 above and below)  

Photo 2 


Racial Harmony Day represents a day to celebrate Singapore's success as a racially harmonious nation and a society built on a rich diversity of culture and heritage. In addition to commemorating the 1964 racial riots, the Mathematics Department set up booths incorporating Mathematics in real life. Students are required to solve real world context questions with the help of aids and manipulative. This allowed students to better visualize and formulate a strategy to solve real world problems. 

There were also games booths for games like chapteh, congkak and hopscotch. At the booths, the history and mathematics behind the games were displayed to raise students' awareness of the application of Mathematics in real life applications

Math 1.png

Photo 1  

Students playing chapteh and congkak at the game booths during Racial Harmony Day. (Photo 1 & 2 above and below)  

Math 2.png

Photo 2


Admiralty Secondary Mathematics Department had its inaugural PI day in conjunction with the International PI Day on 13 March 2015. The aim of the celebration of the Pi day aims to bring greater awareness to the students the application of pi in real world context.

5 booths were set up to achieve the goal. By putting pi concept through a display booth, students are able to learn at their own pace and discover the different application of Pi. This can strengthen the learning amongst the students and may translate into stronger academic outcomes for the students.


Photo 1

Students learning more about Pi on Pi day (Photo 1 & 2 above and below)  

Photo 2