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Mother Tongue Languages Department


Through the provision of a values-based and student-centric learning environment, we strive to grow our students’ interest in and love for the Chinese/Malay language and culture, and motivate them towards excellence in the Mother Tongue Language. We also aim to instil in students an appreciation of the thinking and values that underlie our cultures. As we nurture them to be responsible and active users of their mother tongue, they will be learned, future-ready persons who contribute to society.

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Melalui suasana pengajaran dan pembelajaran berteraskan nilai, kami berharap dapat menyemai minat dan cinta pelajar terhadap bahasa dan budaya Melayu. Dalam masa yang sama juga, merangsang mereka meraih kecemerlangan dalam Bahasa Melayu. Kami juga berhasrat agar dapat memupuk penghayatan dan pemikiran nilai-nilai murni yang menjadi asas budaya kita kepada pelajar. Diharap melalui pendidikan nilai-nilai ini, mereka menjadi pengguna yang bertanggungjawab dan aktif menggunakan Bahasa Melayu serta sentiasa bersedia menyumbang kepada masyarakat pada masa hadapan demi menyahut seruan visi Arif Budiman.

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At Admiralty Secondary School, using Design Thinking, Mother Tongue Language teaching and learning is meaningfully designed to cater to the profiles and needs of our students.

  • Customised teaching and learning - Learning is pitched at each student’s ability by teachers with relevant expertise. Higher ability students will have the opportunity to offer Higher Mother Tongue Language and Literature in Chinese/Malay (Elective). Students who require more support will learn at an appropriate pace with customised materials.
  • Authentic learning - Cultural exposure via learning journeys and overseas cultural immersion in Brunei and China offer students real-life exposure to the use of their mother tongue and enhance their appreciation for the language and culture.
  • Integration of ICT - The use of ICT is prevalent for greater relevance to students’ life and future, as well as to offer immediate feedback on students’ learning progress. 


IP Head           :  Ms Ong Xu Ying Aysel (HOD/MTL)
 Teachers          : Chinese Language Unit

 Ms Leong Mun Yi

Ms Mok Kaie See
Ms Nge Hui Peng
Mdm Ngoi Sheau Neng
Ms Tay Yi Rong
  Ms Zhuo Yanping 
Malay Language Unit
Ms Amizah Bte Mohamed Azhar
Mdm Lisda Bte Mohd Amin 
Mdm Mas Ayu Binte Abdul Malek 
Mdm Noor Hasnah Binte Adam
Mdm Nur Amalina Binte Mohamed Salleh
   Ms Nurain Binte Mohammed Zulkepli
   Mdm Vanitha Govallau


 Upper & Lower Secondary

Reading Programme

The Mother Tongue Reading Programme aims to increase students’ cultural understanding and exposure to current affairs by providing reading materials designed for students of different MT ability every fortnight. The materials also complement the MTL curriculum as well as our school’s activities and events such as Total Defence Day and International Friendship Day. Soft copies of the materials are available for students’ downloading and reading using their mobile devices.

In 2017, the Chinese Unit embarked on a journey with then Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning as a "Chinese Language Reading Ambassador". More students will benefit from an enhanced Reading Programme in 2019.

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Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

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Photo 1  

MTL Fortnight seeks to create an environment conducive to the learning of our mother tongues through cultural activities and camp (Photo 1 & 2 above and below)  

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Photo 2  

An initiative by the Ministry of Education, the MTL Fortnight seeks to create an environment conducive to the learning of our mother tongues through cultural activities and camp. At Admiralty Secondary School, activities are designed according to the interests of the students while complementing the school curriculum.

In Jan-Feb 2016, our students participated in the following main activities:

  • Inter-class Wayang Kulit Making Competition: In celebration of the Year of the Rooster, students and staff learnt to make rooster wayang kulit.
  • Chinese Fold-fan Painting: Secondary 3 Chinese students learnt the delicate strokes and colour blending in Chinese painting by painting on paper fold-fans.
  • Dikir Barat: Secondary 3 Malay students experienced singing and music making during a dikir barat workshop.

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Learning Journeys

Our MT learning journeys include visits to local cultural sites, participation in cultural activities, watching of theatre plays, etc. These journeys offer students out-of-school contexts to understand and appreciate their mother tongue and culture.

Learning Journeys in 2016

Chinese Language Unit

August 2017:

  • 44th National Schools Translation Competition at Nan Hua High School

July 2017:

  • SFCCA-CPCLL Cultural Heritage Walk (走出校园—走进文化) at Chinatown.

April 2017:

  • Xinyao Performance (新谣表演)
  • World Book Day (世界书香日) at Nanyang Girls' High School
World Book Day.jpg

World Book Day (世界书香日) at Nanyang Girls' High School   

Lao Jiu (1).jpg

Photo 1  

Watching of "Lau Jiu" (《老九》)at Drama Centre (Photo 1 & 2 above and below)  

Lao Jiu (2).jpg

Photo 2

March 2017:

  • National Secondary Schools Translation Competition (全国中学现场翻译比赛) at Nanyang Junior College
Translation Competition.jpg
  • National Chinese Language Challenge (华文大比拼) at Nanyang Girls' High School
Chinese Challenge.jpg

February 2016:

  • River Angbao – Malay students also visited the River Angbao to get to know Chinese culture through the translation of their Chinese buddies.
  • Watching of “Savage Land” (《原野》) at Esplanade Theatre

This musical has given a new lease of life to the old Xinjiang folk tale, Afandi,and our students are intrigued by the internationally recognized performance.


A learning journey at SOTA Studio Theatre on The Silly Girl and The Funny Old Tree

April 2016:

  • National Secondary School Chinese Creative Writing Competition (全国中学生华文创作比赛—新蕾奖) at Nan Chiau High School
  • Chinese Literature Seminar at Jurong Junior College
  • Watching of “Red Demon”(《赤鬼》)at Drama Centre Black Box
  • Watching of “Liao Zhai Rocks”(《摇滚聊斋》)at Drama Centre


A learning journey at Drama Centre NLB on Legends of the Southern Arc 


Malay Language Unit

September 2017:

  • Teater Pelajar @ The Heartlands

April 2017:

  • Youth Seminar at Raffles Institution

February 2016:

  • River Angbao – Malay students also visited the River Angbao to get to know Chinese culture through the translation of their Chinese buddies.


April 2016:

  • SGFuture Citizen Dialogue with Minister Yaacob Ibrahim
  • Creative Drama Workshop at Innova Junior College
  • Translation Competition at National Junior College
  • Youth Seminar at Raffles Institution


Blackarena was a national competition that incorporated poems, songs and culture

into a skit based on short stories from Malay Literature Textbook ‘TEKAD.’


A theatre performance by KHALID SALLEH, an actor, from Malaysia


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Overseas Immersion Trip


Through cultural immersion in Brunei and China, as well as hosting of friends from Brunei and China, our students will be able to gain exposure and understanding of the education system, social culture and development in Singapore/Brunei/China. They will also develop their 21st Century Competencies in global awareness, and cross-cultural skills and sensitivities. Along the way, they will develop personal qualities such as resilience, responsibility and teamwork.


20-26 November 2015

19 students participated in a 7-day trip to Hangzhou, China. In addition to visits to cultural sites such as the West Lake and Wan Song Academy, students also experienced school life in Hangzhou No. 11 High School.


12-15 March 2016

23 students participated in a 4-day trip to Brunei to visit cultural sites and experience school life. Students used iPads to capture their memories and reflections during the trip. The trip was co-developed with the Humanities Department to expand the learning for our students. 

November 2017

Selected Secondary 3 students will be participating in immersion trips to either China or Brunei.


A cultural visit, VIA in a local island school in Indonesia, leadership

camp, learn about literature and history.