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Music lessons are structured according to the tag line, listen, move, and perform. Students are taught rhythm from secondary 1 and they get use to rhythm through movement and “orff” pedagogy is being infused into daily lessons. 

Students are introduced to boom whackers at secondary 1 and bell plates at secondary 2 through listening and the use of movement. They also learn to create performances that include rhythm, movements and many music elements.

Music lessons focus primarily on music listening, movement and performance. In addition, it instills discipline, teamwork and perservance through team activities and performances.



IP Head         : Mr Kelvin Goh (HOD/PE and CCA)


Teachers       :  Ms Lynette Yeo Yan Teng
Teachers       :  Mr Marcus Goh Wei Ming
Ms Thein Ying Jie Elena 


 Lower Secondary 


Students play the notes by hitting the boomwhacker onto any surface, mainly the palms of their hands to produce sound. Each boomwhacker produces different sounds/ pitches depending on the length of the boomwhacker. Students are assigned one boomwhacker each to play a note that is assigned. Students work as a class and in groups to play a piece of music. Each individual plays a part in performing a complete piece.

Students are playing the boomwhackers in class. Different colours and different length of boomwhackers produce different pitches of sound. Students work together as a team to play a piece of music.


diamonds in triplicate.jpg

Guitar plucking and strumming

Students are also taught to read tabs and play chords by strumming them. They recognize the chords, and strum pieces alongside the accompaniment.


Students practicing on their guitar as a class