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Physical Education


Admiralty Secondary School’s Physical Education Department sees itself growing in strength and quality, as every teacher is energetic and continuously seeks to develop our students in the various aspects of Physical Education (PE). With the adoption of the Holistic Health Framework (HHF) for the school’s wellness programme, the department is better focused on developing the total well-being of each Admirals. There is now greater emphasis by the teachers to promote and enhance physical, mental as well as social health. In this way, students will learn to develop skills and attitudes to live healthily and sustain a healthy lifestyle even after they graduate from school.

In Admiralty, mass participation events remain a key feature so as to reach out to all students while specific sports and games are conducted to cater to the interest of selected groups. The sporting spirit is growing stronger with the various games & sports infused school events such as our Annual MicrOlympics Sports Carnival, National Day Staff vs Students Games and ACES Day.



IP Head         :Mr Goh Huan Bok Kelvin

Teachers       :  Ms Nuriah Bte Mohd Noor
Ms Lim Sze Hui Sylvia 

Mr Tan Yuan Yan

Mr Jamie Ong


 Upper Secondary

Secondary 3 Annual Cohort Camp

Every year, secondary 3 students from Admiralty Secondary will get a taste of life out of home. Students will experience a 3 day 2 night outdoor adventure camp where they do not get the comfort of sleeping on a bed or playing games on the computer. Outdoor adventure camp allows our students to know their own strengths and weaknesses, and break their limits through fun-filled activities throughout the 3 days.

This year, the camp was held at Changi Coast MOE Adventure Centre. Our students got to experience high rope elements, low obstacle courses, team-building games, kayaking, and many others! What is a camp without a campfire? The finale of the camp was the campfire lighted up by our vice-principals. Students had loads of fun and many went home with new gained knowledge.


Instructors going through the techniques of belaying with the students, in preparation for rock climbing (over the right)  

Students’ holding on to each other’s kayaks to form a chain to withstand the strong waves  

Students displaying one of our lights value, Graciousness by serving their fellow school mates lunch. 

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Weekly Fun & Fitness Club (FFC)

The Fun and Fitness Club was created to replace the passé Trim & Fit programme as it seeks to make physical activity more engaging. Catering to students with higher body mass indices (BMI), the FFC aims to get these students to see that sports and exercise not only helps to improve their health and reduce weight but is fun and interesting at the same time. FFC kicked off the year with a series of activities under the Sports Education Programme (SEP). Over the years our students have participated in various sports such as Archery, Chanbara, Combat Aerobics, Floorball, Futsal, Hip Hop Dance, Inline Skating, Silat, Kangoo Jump, Soccer and Tag Rugby. The SEP allows the students to experience a variety of sports on top of the activities conducted during the school’s normal PE programme. The various programmes all work with this goal in mind: To motivate the students to make sports and wellness part of their lifestyle and to continue with this habit even after they graduate from school.

The PE department organised our inaugural fun camp for our Fun & Fitness Club members on 6 - 7 June. The objective of the 2 days 1 night camp was to engage our overweight students in fun and healthy activities which help them to work out at the same time. The camp was led by our Sports & Health Ambassadors and ex-students, whom facilitated the activities and encouraged the FFC members during the activities.

The campers engaged in activities such as "ADSS Running Man", "Amazing Race", shopping for their own ingredients for their outdoor cooking and a health talk on diet and exercising. The finale of the camp was a "Treasure Hunt" on Pulau Ubin on the second day. The campers trekked to various checkpoints across Pulau Ubin while appreciating the beauty of the nature. Their perseverance paid off as they strove to complete the entire hike of 8-10 km.  

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Sports Carnival

The ADSS Sports Carnival is organized yearly to promote mass participation in sports and games. Students will initiate their own training programs to prepare themselves for this hotly contested carnival. On the carnival day itself, students will represent their house colour (yellow, blue, red or green) in sports such as soccer, captain ball, handball, floorball, basketball and campus relay. Various fun game booths are also set up by the different houses to test skills and abilities of everyone!

At the end of the day, points will be calculated from every victory and a house champion will be named for the year. 


Students and teachers participating in all kinds of sports such as floor ball and captain’s ball during sports carnival  


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Lower Secondary

Healthy Lifestyle Week

The healthy activities and events held for the students, staff and parents were well received. The focus for the Healthy Lifestyle Week was the students, staff and parents’ well-being at heart. The school organized two workshop sessions for students and parents to pick up tips on healthy eating and how to cook healthily. There was an Inter-House Quiz during the school assembly to provide our teachers and students with useful tips on leading a healthy lifestyle. These events are in line with our school objectives of ensuring that the students, staff and parents are engaged in activities that promote and develop physical and social health.


Parents and students working together to prepare healthy meals for the teachers 


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As part of the Ministry of Education (MOE) Sports For Life programme, students of Admiralty are required to participate in the National Physical Fitness Assessment (NAPFA) annually. In Admiralty, students spent a sporty afternoon challenging themselves at each station while teachers and staff of Admiralty gear up to assist and encourage our students in their NAPFA.


Students being assessed on their sit up (left), standing board jump (right) and shuttle run (down) during NAPFA testing