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School Heritage Champion Awards 2019

Admiralty Secondary School was accorded the School Heritage Champion Award on 12 July 2019 by National Heritage Board (NHB).

The School Heritage Champion Award recognises the sustained efforts by organisations in promoting the heritage, in terms of history, culture and tradition, of an area or space. Admiralty Secondary School was recognised for her effort in documenting the development of the school from its inception to its present state of achievement through the ADSS Heritage Space. This space traces how the school has:

  • developed impactful learning and effective teaching practices
  • developed students’ leadership competencies
  • strengthened staff competencies, and harnessed technology to innovate and develop solutions to cater to the needs of the community.

In addition to the space, a heritage trail to the Woodlands, Sembawang, Yishun and Admiralty neighbourhoods was developed. Through the historical concept of change and continuity, the heritage trail traces the evolution of the North - its practices, culture and lifestyle.


20190712_155207_Photo 1 (2).jpg
Mr Mansoor, I/C of the Northern Heritage Team receiving the award from the CEO of the National Heritage Board.

20190527_153448_Photo 2 (2).jpg
Our Heritage Admirals (HAs) training future HAs from the Student Council Board and National Cadet Corp.