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Applied Learning Programme


Admiralty Secondary School was highly successful in 2006, then a 4-year-old school, to be awarded Robotics Enterprise Niche.

From 2015, the school has embarked on the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) to ensure that all our students acquire a broad and deep foundation for a lifelong journey of learning.

Through curriculum re-design, the school has adopted a novel approach to ALP by integrating Design Thinking (DT) and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Engineering (STEM). The approach is also enriched with regular interactions with practising engineers from industries and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs).

This novelty allows students to experience a seamless learning experience through integrating STEM, DT and real-life applications together. This unique ALP is known as Design Thinking through Innovation and Technology.

Programmes and Outcomes

Tier 1 Curriculum (Secondary 1)
The Tier 1 curriculum seeks to equip all Admirals with a foundation in STEM and DT through the fortnightly ALP lessons. The Secondary 1 ALP teachers, with support from partners, introduced new technology such as the Qdee robot and the Microsoft Makecode website to engage our students in meaningful hands-on activities during ALP lessons.

Students present inclusivity during pandemic project.jpg
Students presenting on their “Inclusivity
during the Pandemic” Project
Qdee robot constructed by students.png
Qdee robot constructed by students

While we strive to equip students with coding skills and problem-solving skills through the five DT processes, we have also collaborated with external partners to demonstrate to students how they can apply what they have learnt to a real-life context. Attending talks by our partners have also allowed Admirals to discover potential job opportunities, should they decide to pursue a career in STEM in future.

Tier 1 Curriculum (Secondary 2)
In Secondary 2, students are provided a higher level of training in DT, STEM and ICT. During the fortnightly ALP lessons, students explore DT ideas and frameworks, learn coding and use microcontrollers to solve real-world problems. Using the additional skills learnt, students worked together in teams to work on a smart solution, which seeks to improve the lives of the elderlies. Students will then be given a chance to showcase their finished prototype and present the highlight of their year-long journey to their peers.

Students work their project during ALP lesson.jpg
Students working on their project during ALP lesson
Students present their projects to their peers.jpg
Students presenting their projects
to their peers

ALP Learning Festival
To provide students with more opportunities to showcase their work and learn from one another, the school took part in the ALP Learning Festival, where students from various schools participated in different workshops and learnt from each other during the main day event. Sharing of various ALP projects done by students from different schools encouraged the sharing of innovative ideas and promotes the learning of STEM.

Students participate workshops during ALP Learning Festival.jpg

Students participating in workshops during ALP Learning Festival

Tier 2 Programme – Applied Lifelong Learning Program (ALLP)
The Tier 2 curriculum caters to all interested and abled Admirals to provide them with opportunities to apply their learning in ALP meaningfully. To do so, the school ride on the Innovation Programme (IvP) to develop and challenge our students meaningfully. The IvP is an enrichment programme jointly organized by the Gifted Education Branch (GEB) and Ministry of Education (MOE) in close partnership with institutes of higher learning. This programme aims to develop students’ creative problem-solving and thinking skills where they think critically about existing problems, generate ideas to improve current situations and develop prototypes to test and improve their ideas.

IvP students attend a draft session with their mentor.jpg

IvP students attending a draft session with their mentor, Mr Justin Ng, to gather feedback on their prototypes.

Students present their innovations for feedback to a panel of judges.jpg
Students presenting their innovations
for feedback to a panel of
judges for selection to participate
in the Young Innovator’s Fair.
A prototype named ECOPlast Bin to reduce plastic wastes.jpg
A prototype named ECOPlast Bin which
hopes to reduce plastic wastes.

Tier-2 Programme – Tinkering Thursday (TT)
Every year, several interest-based workshops would also be organised, to help engage students who are interested to be more active in making with technology and allow them to participate in maker-related network community to understand the current trend in the field.

Students showcase their creation at Umbrella-making TT Workshop.jpg
Students showcasing their creation
at the Umbrella-making TT Workshop
Students showcase their creation at 3D Pen TT Workshop.jpg
Students showcasing their creation
at the 3D Pen TT Workshop

Students hard at work their personalised creation at Microbit Safe Box TT Workshop.jpg
Students hard at work as they put together their personalised creation at the Microbit Safe Box TT Workshop

Tier-2 Programme – Competitions
Besides the enrichment provisions, the school also sends our ALP students to participate in STEM related competitions, such as the Design Thinking with Robotics and Computational Thinking (Dr. CT) International Competition, Bebras International Challenge on Informatics and Computational Thinking, as well as the Intel AI Global Impact Festival. Our school has performed consistently well in such competitions and some of our students were extend invitations to join higher tier competitions such as the National Software Competition.

Students participate in Dr. CT Competition.jpg
Students participating in the Dr. CT Competition
Award No. of Medalists

Number of medallists for Dr. CT Competition


Key Personnel
  • Mr Tan Han Yu Melvin (HOD/Science)
  • Mdm Woo Lai Yee Samantha (SH/D&T)
  • Mr Ch’ng Hong Tatt (ST)
  • Mr Coleman Chong Lee Soong (ST)

  • Mr Kenneth Phua Khiang Song
  • Mdm Jessie Gee Wai Hoo
  • Ms Tiong Rui Shan
  • Ms Elena Thein
  • Ms Andrea Wong
  • Mdm Mas Ayu
  • Ms Nur Syazana Binte Rashid
  • Ms Janice Lim Hong Min