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Our Harbour


The Harbour is our after-school centre conceptualized and managed by student-volunteers known as the Harbour Crew. With the mission “By Admirals, for Admirals”, the Harbour Crew aims to create a home environment within the school where Admirals can feel comfortable interacting with one another and engage in student-initiated meaningful activities.

Programmes and Outcomes

Through Harbour, we hope to ‘anchor’ Admirals to the school with a stronger sense of belonging and identity and ‘anchor’ Admirals on values so that they would develop to be the best version of themselves.

Some activities that have been conducted “by Admirals, for Admirals” are the Amazing Race, movie-screening, Badminton Tournament, Harbour Carnival, the Sailing Man, study sessions etc.

Aquila 2 Halif
“To me, Harbour is a very relaxing after-school space. As a Harbour Crew, I am able to design and contribute to the experiences that Admirals can have at the Harbour. Through my involvement, I have expanded my social circle and strengthen my friendship with my peers”

Aquila 8 Claudia
“I have made many supportive friends in Harbour. They support me in my studies and emotionally. I hope more Admirals will visit Harbour and interact with fellow Admirals through the activities.”

Orion 3 Keisha
“I enjoy the fun activities available in Harbour as they helped me bond with my friends. I would like to join as Harbour Crew and plan activities that help other Admirals to bond.”

Phoenix 5 Anson
“Harbour allows me to make use of my free time after school in a meaningful way. This year, I supported the organization of the Harbour Carnival. It gave me a lot of satisfaction to see fellow Admirals enjoying the game that I have planned.”
Harbour activities in the canteen.jpg
Harbour activities in the canteen
Claw machine constructed by Harbour Crew.jpg
Claw machine constructed by Harbour Crew
Harbour activities in the Indoor Sports Hall.jpg
Harbour activities in the Indoor Sports Hall
Playing games in the Harbour.png
Playing games in the Harbour
Movie screening in the hall.png
Movie screening in the hall
Students spending an afternoon at the Harbour.jpg
Students spending an afternoon at the Harbour.jpg
Games to train the mind.jpg
Games to train the mind
XBOX Games in the Harbour.jpg
XBOX Games in the Harbour
Harbour Crew members on duty.jpg
Harbour Crew members on duty
Connect 4 - one of the favourite games at the Harbour.jpg
Connect 4 – one of the favourite games at the Harbour!


Harbour is part of the customized programme of the Anchor Programme. The staff involved are:

  • Mr Arun Vasudev Krishnan
  • Mr Chung Wee Seng
  • Mr Jeremy Lim
  • Mrs Karen Yap
  • Ms Lee Kai Ling
  • Mr Melvin Tan
  • Ms Sharifah Bte Muhammad Zulkifli
  • Ms Sharifah Bte Nur Hidayah Omar
  • Ms Tham Yi Hui