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5th Student Leaders’ Investiture

To affirm and recognise the newly appointed student leaders, the 5th Student Leaders’ Investiture was held on 16 April 2018. During the event, the school witnessed the appointment of approximately 150 student leaders, comprising Class Chairpersons, Vice-Chairpersons, CCA leaders, and Student Councillors.

This marked the beginning of a journey for the newly appointed leaders who will then lead and inspire fellow Admirals to actualise their aspirations. They shall be a guiding light that shines – modelling the way for their peers.

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SLI_2018_photo02_Class leaders2.JPG
Form Teachers donning the badge for their Class Chairpersons
 SLI_2018_photo03_CCA leaders.JPG
CCA Leaders receiving certificates of appointment

SLI_2018_photo04_Sec 3 councillors.JPG
Student Councillors receiving certificates of appointment

Student Council President, Ilyanajwa Bte Kamaludin, 3E2, receiving her certificate of appointment

SLI_2018_photo06_Oath.JPGNewly appointed student leaders reciting the Student Leaders’ Oath