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Admirals' Run 2018

Admirals’ Run 2018 was conducted at the Jurong Central Park on Friday, 13 April 2018. This is an event that Admirals look forward to every year, where Admirals, teachers, parents, and alumni celebrate a day of healthy living by completing a 2.4 km run as an ADSS family.

Admirals demonstrated their school pride by chanting class cheers, and waving class flags. Peers gathered near the finishing line to cheer the runners. Admirals appreciated the activities planned as they allowed them to exercise, and strengthen relationships with fellow Admirals and teachers.    

Students' Voices

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Sports leaders holding their class flags, waiting to march-in for the
Admirals Run Opening Ceremony.

ADMIRALSRUN_2018_photo02.JPGVivien (4E2) leading the school in the recital of the Athlete’s Oath.

ADMIRALSRUN_2018_photo03.JPGFlagging off the Sec 4 & 5 boys race, is our Chairperson of the Parent Support Group, Mdm Joey Ching
and our Principal, Mr Toh.

ADMIRALSRUN_2018_photo04.JPGRong Sen (4N2) finishing the run. He clinched the 8th position in the
Sec 4 & 5 boys category, with a time of 8 min 57 s.

ADMIRALSRUN_2018_photo05.JPGForm Teachers Mdm Hasnah and Mr Jacob doing the Class Cheer with their form class, 4E4.

ADMIRALSRUN_2018_photo06.JPGAzri (4E4) clinched the 1st position in the Sec 4 & 5 boys Fun & Fitness Club category,
with an incredible timing of 9 min 44 s.

ADMIRALSRUN_2018_photo07.JPGQi En (4E1) clinched the 1st position in the Sec 4 & 5 girls category, clocking a time of 10 min 27 s.
She has been the fastest runner of her level from Sec 2 to 4, for 3 consecutive years.


Lance (4N2) achieved 1st position in the Sec 4 & 5 boys category;

Aldrich (2E1) achieved 1st position in the Sec 2 boys Fun & Fitness Club category.

ADMIRALSRUN_2018_photo09.JPGMr Frankie Chua, the fastest male staff, achieved a timing of 9 min 52 s.

ADMIRALSRUN_2018_photo10.JPGA big thank you to all parents and members of the Parent Support Group for gracing the event.