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Annual Student Forum

During the forum, students showed their appreciation towards the school and its initiatives. Class Leaders contributed ideas on how the school can further support them in their academic journey and character development. The Principal, Vice-Principals and the Head of Departments (HODs) responded to Admirals’ queries about school initiatives. This helped Admirals gain an insight into the school’s constraints and rationale for the decisions made. This dialogue between Admirals and the School Management Committee helped students take ownership to improve the ADSS experience for themselves, and their peers.

Students’ Voices

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The School Management Committee is always eager to hear fresh perspectives offered by Admirals
Chairperson of 4N2, Ting Rong Sen, representing his class during the forum

Vice Principal, Mr Ng, affirming the efforts of students

Vice-Chairperson of 4E1, Luo Wei Hua, representing her class opinion during the forum

SEC3STUDFORUM_2018_photo01.jpegChairperson of Evalina Ayu Andini Bte A of 3E2, representing her class opinion during the forum