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CNY Celebration & TDD Commemoration 2018

The school's Total Defence Day (TDD) commemoration activities commenced in the week leading up to the Chinese New Year (CNY) holidays. It was an honour to have Commitment to Defence ambassador, LTC (Ret) Desmond Ee share his experience on Overseas Peacemaking Mission with Admirals. An ADSS teacher, Ms Nuriah also brought home the message on Social Defence through her sharing on growing up in a cross- cultural family.

As Singapore fell to the Japanese on 15 February 1942, Admirals marked the significance of this date through a joint TDD Commemoration and CNY Celebration on 15 February 2018. The TDD message "Together We Keep Singapore Strong" was infused into the CNY skit which was performed by Admirals, and all Admirals received ang paos which contained reminders to not take the peace in Singapore for granted. The joint commemoration ended on a high note with performances from the school's Concert Band, Dance Club, Guzheng Ensemble and Wushu.
Admirals' learning continued after the TDD commemoration day. The following week, students experienced a school-wide power shortage exercise during LIGHTS. This crystallised their learning about emergency preparedness, and experience how it was in times of war, when electricity supply was often disrupted.

Students' Voices


Our student volunteers stepping out of their comfort zone to perform the skit with zest.

Music from our Guzheng ensemble added to the vibrant atmosphere during the celebrations.

Admirals are reminded to alert relevant authorities when suspicious items are found.

Student representatives from the Military Defence

CNYTDD_photo05.jpgEveryone plays a part to keep Singapore safe.

CNYTDD_photo06_new.JPGDifferent races dancing in harmony, reflecting the importance of Social Defence in Singapore.
CNYTDD_photo07_new.JPGLook at the agility from the Wushu team as they vividly tell the story of Nian.

CNYTDD_photo08_new.JPGAng Baos were distributed to represent blessings from the school to Admirals.
TDD messages were inserted into the red packets, reminding Admirals on the importance of peace in the country.

CNYTDD_photo09_new.JPGBeautiful music by the Admiralty band added to the ambience of the celebration.

CNYTDD_photo10a.jpgA successful end to the celebration of Chinese New Year and the commemoration of Total Defence Day.

CNYTDD_photo11a.jpgA Q and A session to test students about their understanding of Chinese New Year and Total Defence.