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Mother Tongue Language Fortnight 2018

A range of activities were organised during Mother Tongue Fortnight to strengthen students’ interest in the Mother Tongue Language and culture. 

Learning of the Chinese Language was brought to live as Admirals attended workshops on the four arts (琴棋书画) of Chinese scholars. Students expressed their creativity through kite-making, appreciated the beauty of Chinese characters in a calligraphy workshop, ventured into the history of the terracotta army, and learnt to play Chinese chess. 

Malay Language learners were introduced to Silat (a traditional martial art for self-defence), as well as a cultural performance. There was also Wayang Kulit where students learn how shadow puppets are used in performances. 

Mother Tongue Language teachers also bonded with students by playing traditional games with them. Among the traditional games played were Chinese Tongue Twister and riddle, Weiqi, Tangram, Five Stones, Hopscotch, Congkak, Pick-up Sticks and Kuti-kuti. This experiential learning experience taught Admirals about the customs and traditional games of Singapore’s different ethnic groups. Through the games, Admirals also learnted values of teamwork, patience, tolerance and perseverance.

Students' Voices

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight 2018/Mother-Tongue-Language-Fortnight-2018-voices


MT Fortnight_photo01
Admirals’ exuberant shouts filled the hall when practising their Silat skills
 MT Fortnight_photo02
Engrossed Admirals in Kuti-kuti during Malay Language lesson

MT Fortnight_photo03
Xavier Poh (4N2) playing a game of Congkak with his friends

MT Fortnight_photo04
Secondary 3 Admirals enjoyed the Wayang Kulit, a traditional Malay performance usually performed by a solo puppeteer