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Secondary 1 Orientation Programme 2018

The newly posted Secondary 1 Admirals were able to build strong relationships with teachers and peers through the Orientation Programme organized by the Student Council. Activities such as team-bonding games, school tour and CCA Experience helped to assimilate them into the new learning environment.

Highlights of the programme were the Dragon-Boating activity and Values-in-Flight. During Values-in-Flight, they were taught basic coding which enabled them to operate drones and complete a mission. In both activities, they exhibited the value of Teamwork. It was a great start to developing a strong class spirit with their new classmates.

Students' Voices

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Showing teamwork and coordination through a game of hoops.

Indulging in a game of Bingo to get to know one another better.

Admirals learning more about our school’s heritage during the school tour.

Learning Scratch programming and coding for drones.

Collaborating with fellow Admirals to fly the drone.

Admirals set sail!

Sec 1 Admirals feeling accomplished as a team.

Sec 1 Admirals rowing in unison towards a common goal.