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Secondary 2 Cultural Immersion Learning Journey 2018

About the Programme

The Secondary 2 Cultural Immersion Learning Journey is an annual programme which Admirals look forward to, and it is a cornerstone of the school's Student Development Programme. This involves two separate trips: One to Malacca and the other local.

Secondary 2 Admirals embarked on the trip to Malacca in early February. The trip was filled with many new experiences which heightened the awareness, and deepened students' knowledge of social cohesion! Admirals explored heritage trails to understand and appreciate the social, economic and political influence which the state had experienced over the years. They were immersed in the local culture through a visit to Kampung Sarang Buaya, and had opportunities to interact with local students at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bukit Baru and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ayer Molek.

Fellow Admirals who participated in the local programme embarked on heritage trails to Fort Canning to appreciate the history, and to the Peranakan Museum to appreciate how its heritage contributed to Singapore's identity. A trip to Bollywood Veggies Farm and Hay Diaries also gave students a glimpse of country life.

Students' Voices

Malacca Trip_01_V2.png

Malacca Trip_02_V2.png


We interacted with local students in Malacca through their traditional game Sepak Takraw.

SEC2_PHOTO_2.jpgA lesson on making the local kueh – ondeh ondeh during our ’kampung’ experience.

SEC2_PHOTO_3.JPGWe did batik painting as part of our ‘kampung’ experience, and got to keep our paintings!

Sec 2_PHOTO_4.jpgWe learnt the leadership traits of Admiral Hang Tuah through the visit to Maritime Museum.

Sec 2_PHOTO_5.jpg
A walk through the Harmony Street in Malacca helped us to understand the significance of racial harmony in conserving heritage.

SEC2_PHOTO_6.jpgWe planted paddy during the Singapore cultural learning programme in Bollywood Farm.

Admirals visited spice garden as part of the heritage trail understating the Peranakan culture in Singapore.

SEC2_PHOTO_8.jpgFeeding the goats at Hay Dairies Farm was a new experience for most of us!

SEC2_PHOTO_9.jpgOur friends in the Singapore Cultural Learning Programme also participated in a batik painting workshop.