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Secondary 3 Parallel Programme 2018

At Admiralty Secondary School, we ensure that every Admiral is provided with opportunities to develop to his/her fullest potential. In this spirit, we designed the Secondary 3 Parallel Programme for 30 Secondary 3 students who were unable to attend the OBS Cohort Camp. This was to enable  them develop essential social emotional competencies, and an appreciation for the natural environment.

Admirals were immersed in the rustic kampong life at The Kampung Kampus which is nestled at Lorong Chencharu. They appreciated the importance of sustainable living first-hand through activities such as crop-planting, brick-making, kaya-making and rocket-making using recycled materials. During the 5-day programme, Admirals were challenged to think beyond themselves and learnt to care for one another and the environment.

Students' Voices

Sec 3 Parallel Prog.png

Sec 3 Parallel Prog_02.png


Sec 3 PProgramme 2018 photo01.jpeg
Chopping vegetables to prepare delicious meals for the elderly

Sec 3 PProgramme 2018 photo02.jpgTouring the garden and tasting the herbs

Sec 3 PProgramme 2018 photo03.jpgPloughing the land is hard work indeed!

Sec 3 PProgramme 2018 photo04.jpgWashing up after a day of hard work

Sec 3 PProgramme 2018 photo05.jpg
Building a tower with limited resources to hold a marshmallow
– who knew that marshmallows were so heavy!

Sec 3 PProgramme 2018 photo06.jpgPropelling the water rocket and hoping that the egg inside does not crack!

Sec 3 PProgramme 2018 photo07.jpgA group photograph to capture our memories of the time
spent together during the programme