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Speech Day 2018

On 3 March 2018, we celebrated our school’s 12th Speech and Prize Presentation Day. The theme this year was ‘Odyssey of Excellence’. It conveys our school’s aspiration for Admirals to grow from strength to strength, and to continue pursuing a lifetime of learning and achievement.
Our 2017 Secondary 1 Prize Winners and their Parents. Well done Secondary 1’s.

Our 2017 Secondary 2 Prize Winners and their Parents. Good job Secondary 2’s.

Our 2017 Secondary 3 Prize Winners and their Parents. Continue to work hard to actualize your aspirations.

Admirals from the class of 2017 who achieved commendable results at the GCE O- and N-Level examinations.
We hope you continue to have high expectations for yourselves.

We honour and appreciate our strategic partners, and their contributions to Admiralty Secondary in 2017.

“Teaching is a work of heart”. Our heartiest congratulations to the teachers who received their MOE Long Service Award,
for the years of dedication and heartfelt service.  

Valedictorian Speech 2018

A very good morning to our Guest of Honour, Mr Elemaran Sathymoorthy,

Principal Mr Toh,

Vice Principals, Mr Ng and Mr Sheik,


Parents and fellow Admirals.

Before I share my personal odyssey in Admiralty Secondary, let me first start off by thanking the people who have supported me throughout this journey. While looking for inspiration for my speech, I began to realise that there are too many people in my life to whom I need to be grateful. To my parents, my two lovely brothers, my best friends, Mr Jacob who never believed that I've never dyed my hair before, Mdm Ong Lay Khim for tolerating my antics during CCA sessions, Ms Lim Chien Ru who had never failed to motivate and inspire me and Ms Gadis who always brings along a box filled with kinder bueno and random candies for double period lessons. Special thanks to Ms Chong Ying Xi, who is currently in Canada. I am really grateful to be able to cross paths with such a wonderful teacher like her. She affirmed me for my leadership which I did not even knew existed. She told me that I have the tenacity to overcome obstacles in life and the potential to serve in a greater way, for a greater cause. My experiences and teachers’ belief in me made me want to be the best version of myself.

This list is definitely not exhaustive. I am sure many of you would agree with me that ADSS has many caring, loving and inspiring teachers and I was fortunate to have many of them guide me through my 4 years here. As much as we have devoted ourselves to doing well, they have dedicated themselves to our learning. To show our appreciation, may I invite everyone to give our teachers a big round of applause.

It may be very cliched, but I want to specially thank my parents for being the greatest influence in my life. An unfortunate tragedy in my early years witnessed the passing of my eldest brother. Despite the strong front that my parents put up, deep down, I knew that the passing of my brother had never left their minds. Being the youngest member of the family, I wanted to double the child that I was and make up for the child my parents had lost. But I didn't really know what I can do to help my parents. It was only till Secondary 2 when I was given the chance to shoulder more responsibilities such as being the vice-captain of the Badminton team and developing a growth mindset, that I matured.

My parents have always granted me the autonomy to make my own decisions. Having laid the foundation for me, I further challenged myself to be independent. These experiences have certainly given me the space to really discover myself as I figure out my strengths and weaknesses, who I truly am. My parents’ selflessness has influenced me and I, too, want to pay it forward. This is something I hope to carry on as I progress to the next stage of my life. I believe this is the greatest way I can repay my parent’s love for me and the greatest way I can express my love for them. So with that, thank you, Daddy and Mummy. As individuals, you may differ quite a bit but as my parents, you both have been relentless in your pursuit of ensuring the happiness and success of your children.

As Colin Powell rightly put, “There is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” Good results did not come easy for me. Science was a subject that I’ve been failing since I was in Primary 3. There were many instances of myself giving up in this particular subject which is seemingly not the right step for me. For instance, during my Secondary one year, I used to not bring along my study materials to Mdm Doreen Yeo’s lesson knowing that I will not understand a single thing. I used to also have the mindset that no matter how hard I try, I will never achieve what my heart desired. Every negative thought just compounds failure.

Thankfully, the school knew about our struggles as students and provided us with lots of programmes to motivate and help us cope with the academic challenges. At the end of my Sec 3 year, I managed to achieve good results for my science-related subjects. The signature DARE Programme helped me take on different perspectives towards the adversities in my life. Putting what I learnt in the DARE programme into good use, I learnt to step out of my comfort zone and try out different ways to study. I started to work hard alongside with the support of my parents, best friends and teachers.

We reap what we sow. I began experimenting different methods of studying and started staying back in school often to consult my teachers and revise. As soon as I started this habit, the colourful benches outside the staffroom soon became my favourite studying spot. I was soon able to reap the fruits of my hard work as I could see the gradual improvements in my results. This affirmation that hard work does pay off has thus shaped me into a driven and resilient person.

At this point, I just want to say congratulations and well done to all award winners. You are reaping the fruits of your labour. You are way ahead of me at this stage than I was and have so much more potential in you. Do always keep in mind that in this day and age where mishap after mishap monopolises our days, always be positive, strive to be your best and treat every obstacle in front of you as an opportunity to learn. Because when you fail, you learn. And when you learn, you grow.

Thank you.

- Chng Yee Sin Renee