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Concert Band


At Admiralty Secondary School, a love for music brings Admirals together through the Concert Band. Our strength is built on a unique combination of musical elements that becomes as one on stage. Our members express through music, what cannot be expressed by words.

Vision: Every member is a leader, a musician and an inspiration to all.
Mission: A Premier Band that inspires, where people lead by example.

Our CCA aims to (according to CCA SDP):
  • Achieve excellence through our presentations.
  • Develop musically enriching experience by building music literacy, and exposure to different genres of music
  • Inculcate life skills guided by the LIGHTS values

Programmes and Outcomes

Learning and Enrichment Programmes
  • Public Performances
  • School Performances (Secondary 1 CCA Showcase, Chinese New Year, Speech Day, Uniform Group’s POP and National Day)
  • Band Exchanges

Competitions for Exposure and Experience
  • Bi-Annual Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation

Concert Band members practices for SYF Arts 2021.jpg
Hard at work! Our Concert Band members playing together, in
the practices leading up to the Singapore Youth
Festival Arts Presentation for Band (Concert) 2021.
Best Effort for SYF Arts 2021.jpg
Smiling and looking confident, the Concert Band members
have put in their best effort at the Singapore Youth
Festival Arts Presentation for Band (Concert) 2021.
2022 NDP Parade Segment Woodlands Galaxy CC.jpg
Our Percussion Section also get to show off their skills,
being part of the 2022 National Day Parade
segment at Woodlands Galaxy CC!
Combined practices with other schools.jpg
Practice makes perfect! Our Admirals consistently put in hard
work for the combined practices with band directors,
during sectionals and Band Exchanges with other schools.


CCA Teachers-in-charge
Ms Diyanah Binte Mohamad Yunos (TIC)
Mr Marcus Goh Wei Ming (TIC)
Ms Wong Jie Yi Andrea
Mdm Wendy Chen Jin Jing
Mdm Lim Ching Ching

CCA Student Leaders
Drum Major
Ee Ying Xuan (Aquila 6)
Band Major
Yap Xing Ying Jazreel (Aquila 3)