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Admiralty Secondary School believes in developing the child artistically and connects them with their community and culture. At our school, every Admirals will be exposed to learning different art forms and develop a deep appreciation for the aesthetics.

We aim to empower our students with artistic knowledge and skills in aesthetics through quality arts education for expression, learning and reflection.

In our art programmes together with Differentiated Learning (D.I.), we aim to nurture our students to be self-directed, confident, creative, contributing and thinking Admirals who are creative, having critical thinking and communication skills and aesthetic sensitivity with cultural awareness.

The Art department is committed to increase opportunities for all students to participate in and recognize the value of the Arts in society. The department strives to expose all pupils to appreciating and expressing Art through a variety of platforms. Our aim is for them to become life-long learners who are confident and creative with a passion for life and learning.

Through the Arts, pupils are more aware of the values and roles of the Arts in society, thus connecting them to our history, culture and heritage. Pupils also learn to respect the culture, belief systems and values of others and to appreciate the deeper forms of beauty in life.

Students are encouraged to explore, to create, and to reach their full potential through our wide variety of arts exposure programmes in school. We believe that the Arts drive creativity and creativity drives learning and when there is learning, students will grow and flourish abundantly.

Programmes and Outcomes

Lower Secondary Art Education
The Lower Secondary syllabus aims to build students’ capacity to enjoy art, express themselves, communicate, learn about and connect with the community and wider world in and through art. The objectives of the syllabus and to develop students holistically in the 21CC and desired outcomes of education, the syllabus operates on a framework comprising three big ideas delivered through the domains of learning, syllabus content and learning experiences.

The 3 big ideas in the syllabus are:
  • Art helps us to see in new ways.
  • Art tells stories about our world.
  • Art influences how we live.

In the process, Students learn to perceive, communicate and appreciate through the four key components of the learning content - context, artistic processes, media and visual qualities.

Upper Secondary Art Education
In line with the requirements of the Art Syllabus 2022, the teaching of Art at ADSS focuses on providing students with the opportunity to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings through visual and tactile forms through the three learning domains of Perceiving, Communicating and Appreciating.

Our aims are to:
  • nurture an informed awareness and appreciation of the visual arts
  • enhance ability to identify and solve problems creatively in visual and tactile forms
  • develop competency in the use of art elements and design principles, materials and processes
  • foster self-confidence and a sense of achievement through the practice of the visual arts
  • cultivate an inquiring mind, a spirit of experimentation and a passion for the visual arts

Competition: NOTU ART Competition
Through the National Organ Transplant Unit Live-on design competition, students get to apply what they have learned in the classroom and express their thoughts. By participating in this art competition, we hope to motivate students and help them to develop their creative skills.

  • Inhouse Subject Combination Talk (Art Electives)
  • Museum Visits
  • Tertiary Open House


IP Head
  • Mr Phua Tian Peng (HOD Knowledge Management)

  • Mdm Sharifah Nur Hidayah Albar (Sec 1 Coordinator)
  • Mdm Joyce Seow (Sec 2 Coordinator)
  • Mdm Tamil Selvi d/o Ramanujam / Mrs Selva (Sec 3 Coordinator)
Art_1.jpg Art_2.jpg
Orion Art Class – Getting creative with their Jumping Clay artwork that symbolizes our school’s LIGHTS values. Students learnt the different molding techniques through the infusion of different Tier Level of Clay making.

Art_5.jpg Art_6.jpg Art_7.jpg
Phoenix Art Class - Expressing their thoughts and applying the different compositional techniques that they learned in art lessons in their National Organ Transplant Unit Design Competition.

Art_8.jpg Art_9.jpg Art_10.jpg Art_14.jpg
Art_11.jpg Art_12.jpg Art_13.jpg
Aquila (Sec 3E) Art Electives’ Experimented Lessons – Students went through various mixed media lessons such as acrylic pour, spray paint expressions, tissue art and lessons catered to their differentiated learning needs such as expressive portraiture painting and artist reference research presentations.