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Computing & Computer Applications


In alignment with the school's vision -- Values-centric, Thinking School, the subject involves formal reasoning, logic and algorithmic thinking, and the reformulation of a problem so that a computer-based solution is viable. It allows students to develop their ideas and creativity through the use of information and communication technology (ICT) and hence contribute to society.

In addition to Computer Applications, Computing is offered as an 'O' Level subject to provide students with the foundation in logical thinking, computational thinking and skills to participate in a rapidly changing technological environment.

Programmes and Outcomes

Our teaching is largely anchored by applied learning. Students approach the learning based on solving open-ended problems and learn by doing. With integrative use of hardware and software, students created new artefacts to solve real-world problems.

Create popular game show Wheel of Fortune using Excel.png

Creating of popular game show “Wheel of Fortune” using Excel

Students understand rules and experience the thrill of.jpg

Students understand the rules and experience the thrill of

Example of the Battleship created by students.png

An example of the Battleship created by students.

Share by Sec 3 computing students to sec 2 students.png

Sharing by Sec 3 computing students to secondary 2 students on taking Computing as a Subject.

“You have to be resilient and keep trying to solve a problem. Taking the time to solve challenging problem helps to train the mind and become better at coding.” - MUHAMMAD SADIQ BIN SUHAIRI (A5)

“Just like solving a hard mathematics problem, solving a hard coding problem is very fulfilling” - DEELYS LEE YAN QI (A6)


IP Head
  • Mr Phua Tian Peng (HOD SP(KM))

  • Mr Chong Teck Seng (HOD Student Management)
  • Mr Chong Lee Soong (Senior Teacher)
  • Ms Nur Hidayah Liyana Binte Mohd Nasir