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Craft & Technology


Design & Technology Education

D&T education aims to nurture in our pupils a way of thinking and doing – designerly dispositions which are inherent in design practices – through designing and making. The designerly dispositions are as follows:
  • embracing uncertainties and complexities
  • be cognizant of and resolve real-world, ill-defined problems
  • relentless drive to seek out how things work
  • use of doodling and sketching, and 3D manipulation of resistant materials as a language for visualisation, communication and presentation.

Design  Technology Education.png

Food And Consumer Education/Nutrition Food Science Education

The syllabus is designed to empower students to be health-conscious and discerning consumers; enabling them to better manage their lives for the present and the future. The focus is on how individuals and families optimise their resources of food, finance and time to meet their physical, mental, social and economic needs.

The syllabus aims to enable students to:
  1. understand the importance of nutrition for long-term health
  2. apply basic principles of consumer education
  3. apply basic financial principles for everyday decision making and planning
  4. appreciate and develop an understanding of food, nutrition and trans-cultural awareness in the global context
  5. nurture and develop critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity, a spirit of enterprise, innovation, and aesthetic awareness; to make informed and discerning food and consumer-related decisions
  6. develop positive attitudes and values for the well-being of the community (families and society)
  7. demonstrate effective and responsible use of resources for the individuals and the community

Programmes and Outcomes

Design & Technology

Students experience design through sketching lessons and complete projects based on the ideas they have sketched. Students are encouraged to be creative in their design when they make the projects during the practical sessions. They make cardboard models before completing their designs in wood, metal and plastics.

Students making cardboard models.jpg
Students making cardboard models
Students soldering the circuit for their Microfarm Project.jpg
Students soldering the circuit for their Microfarm Project
Completed door Wedges.jpg
Completed door Wedges

Food and Consumer Education

Students making cookies.jpg
Students making cookies


DT student Austin Toh from L8 2021 won Tan Kah Kee Award_1.jpg DT student Austin Toh from L8 2021 won Tan Kah Kee Award_2.jpg
Our D&T student, Austin Toh from L8 (2021) won the Tan Kah Kee Award for his Project Orcasycle.


IP Heads:
Ms Samantha Woo Lai Yee
(SH D&T Covering HOD C&T)
Nutrition Food Science Teachers:
Ms Chin Hui Jing (SH Special Needs)
Mrs Yap-Chow Shin Yun
Ms Aiyshwariya Dinesh
Ms Nur Hidayah Liyana
Design & Technology Teachers:
Mr Nigel Chong Teck Seng (HOD Student Management)
Mr Kenneth Phua Khiang Song
Ms Lim Li Ting
Mr Ben Tay Boon Hwee (FAJT)
Education Workshop Instructor:
Mr Kasdi Kasri
Mr Mohamed Sahrom Suab