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The Humanities Department oversees the teaching and learning of the following subjects:
  • Social Studies
  • Geography
  • History

The Humanities Department believes in educating our students to be well-informed, civic minded and responsible individuals. We hope to build their character through our teaching and their learning of the Humanities. Thus, our motto is “Every Human Matters” – to show that every individual is valuable and every human issue is worth our while to study and understand.

Programmes and Outcomes

The study of the Humanities curriculum is anchored on an inquiry – based approach set within an authentic learning environment The Humanities Department believes firmly that this will help our students to make sense of issues in the world that they live in. These societal issues cross not just disciplinary boundaries, but also national and geographical ones. By encouraging inquiry within an authentic learning environment, our students’ curiosity is sparked and this will lead them to question what they already know as well as what they would like to know about the issues.

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Inquiry – based learning teaches our students how to gather accurate and relevant information about issues such as climate change or social unrest, and to analyse them meaningfully through multiple lenses that can provide them with new insights on current issues. From that, they will be able to make well-reasoned, evidence-based conclusions which can help to improve or better the current landscape, along with taking actions that can benefit our society. The Humanities curriculum also encourages our students to think critically about the evidences being used to support different conclusions and decisions.


Head of Department:
Mdm Julianah Othman (aka Mrs Sabar)
Social Studies Unit:
Ms Charmaine Koh Kia Li
Ms Chew Wei Xin
Ms Lee Kai Ling
Ms Sharifah Zulkifli
Ms Tiong Rui Shan
Geography Unit:
Mr Adrian Tung Cheng Boon
Ms Andrea Ng Su Yin
Mr Lai Kuok Liang
Mdm Noor Shidah Hassan
History Unit:
Mr Tay Peiyong (Level Coordinator – History)
Ms Dorothy Phua Hui Hong
Ms Fazylah Abdul Rahman
Ms Maizuriah Mohd Yasin
Ms Najla Banu
Mr Sebastian Poh