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Our Vision: Values Driven, Analytical Voyager

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Our Mission: Developing Voyagers to conquer the Sea of Mathematics

The Mathematics Department adopts a student-centric approach with a focus of instilling a sense of Responsibility and Self Discipline for students taking Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.

Students will go through 3 stages in their learning of Mathematics. Firstly, they will be exposed to programmes to promote Awareness and create Interest in the learning of Mathematics through games, use of ICT and performance tasks. Secondly, they will be given ample opportunities to Build Confidence by applying what they learn by taking part in Mathematics competitions like SASMO and Math Competition for Normal Stream. Students are stretched based on their level of preparedness through Subject Based Banding (SBB) and Out of Stream Subject (OOS). Finally, is the stage which involves the building of Rigor in preparing the student for their final goal in preparing for their national examination to achieve their aspirations.

Programmes and Outcomes

Students learn Mathematics through ICT platforms like SLS, Desmo and Geogebra to have a deeper understanding on the Mathematics concepts. There is also E-book available such that students do not need to bring their heavy textbooks to school. They can access the E-book via their Chromebook or Ipad.

Teaching graphs using Desmo.jpg

Teaching graphs using Desmo

Teaching circle properties using Geogebra.png
Teaching circle properties using Geogebra

Concept Cartoon and Authentic Performance Task
Concept Cartoon and Authentic Performance Tasks are used to deepen Mathematics concepts learnt.

Concept Cartoon and Authentic Performance Task_1.png
Concept Cartoon and Authentic Performance Task_2.png

Concept Cartoon and Authentic Performance Task_3.png Concept Cartoon and Authentic Performance Task_4.png


IP Heads:
Mrs Carol Goh (HOD Mathematics)
Ms Diyana Jumahat (LH for LS Math)
Mathematics Teachers:
Mr Hong Chin Keat (SSD)
Mdm Arifa Binte Nazir
Mr Chan Huazhi
Ms Janice Lim Hong Min
Mr Jeremy Lim Ching Sen
Ms Kong Tze Xin
Mdm Lim Ching Ching
Ms Lim Li Ting
Mr Marcus Goh Wei Ming
Ms Ng Jing Min
Ms Ong Hui Ping
Ms Nur Syazana Bte Rashid
Ms Sharifah bte Muhammad Bte Zulkifli
Ms Soo Zhi Yi
Ms Tham Yi Hui