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Music lessons provide students with the opportunity to experience various styles of music to broaden their exposure to different cultures and distinctive characteristics of different music. Students are equipped with skills to compose music and unleash their creativity and are trained to analyse the various layers in music and improvise to enhance it. Through collaborating in groups, they build social skills as well, and develop their confidence through performing in front of the class, and also in front of the whole school.

These experiences help our students to become more active listeners who are not only just consumers of music, but creators of music, which is empowering as students take ownership of their musical decisions and are able to appreciate how music has shaped culture and society.

Programmes and Outcomes

In Secondary 1, students learn about the elements in music and apply their knowledge in composition, which helps students gain a greater appreciation of different music. Students also get to understand the role of music in society by recognising its use in media such as film or advertisements. They also learn how to play the piano and such hands-on experiences never fail to excite students.

Students work in pairs learn to play keyboard and improvise.jpg

Students working in pairs to learn how to play the keyboard and improvise.

Students perform for National Day Celebration.png
Students performing for National Day Celebration.

In Secondary 2, students learn how to use digital audio software on their personal learning devices and learn how to arrange and create music using loops and digital instruments. They also learn how to play the guitar in the second semester, thereby developing their theory and technical music skills, as they will learn how to read guitar tablature too.

Students work in groups learn to synchronise and strum guitar.png

Students working in groups to learn how to synchronise and strum the guitar.

Sample of students work using Soundtrap.png

Sample of students’ work using Soundtrap, a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).


Ms Thein Ying Jie Elena
Mr Marcus Goh Wei Ming