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Physical Education


Admiralty Secondary School’s Physical Education (PE) Department believes that physical education plays a vital role in the holistic education and character development of our Admirals. With the adoption of the Holistic Health Framework (HHF) for the school’s wellness programme, the department is better focused on developing the total well-being of each Admirals. There is now greater emphasis by the teachers to promote and enhance physical, mental as well as social health. In this way, students will learn to develop skills and attitudes to live healthily and sustain a healthy lifestyle even after they graduate from school.

In Admiralty, we strive to make PE a meaningful and engaging experience for students to develop their psychomotor, cognitive, and social skills.

Programmes and Outcomes

Annual Admirals’ Run

Admirals Run at Singapore Sports Hub (pre-COVID).png
Admirals’ Run at Singapore Sports Hub (pre-COVID)

ACES Day Mass Dance

Annual Mass Dance.png
Annual Mass Dance

Inter-Class/Intra-Class Games (ICG)

Intra-Class Games for Badminton.jpg
Intra-Class Games for Badminton

Inter-Class Frisbee Match.jpg
Inter-Class Frisbee Match

Sports Enrichment Programme

Secondary Two Dragon-boating Experience.png
Secondary Two Dragon-boating Experience

Archery Object Lesson for Graduating Students.jpg

Archery Object Lesson for Graduating Students

Secondary One Outdoor Adventure Learning Camp

Low Rope Course.jpg

Low Rope Course

Secondary Three MOE-OBS Programme

Land Expedition during MOE-OBS Programme.png

Land Expedition during MOE-OBS Programme


IP Head
  • Mr Goh Huan Bok Kelvin (HOD/PE & CCA)

  • Mr Lee Yee Leong Keynes (AYH)
  • Ms Nuriah Bte Mohd Noor
  • Mr Ong Minyi Jamie
  • Mr Khing Zhen Ze Kenneth
  • Mr Tan Yuanyan