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Principle of Accounts


Principles of Accounts (POA) is a subject offered to Secondary 3 and 4 students. The O-Level and N(A)-Level Principles of Accounts syllabuses (codes 7087 and 7086 respectively) seek to develop in students the knowledge and skills to prepare, communicate and use both accounting and non-accounting information related to the business for decision-making.

Through the study of accounting, students will
  • understand the importance of values such as integrity and objectivity when communicating and making decisions
  • develop a keen eye for detail, an important attribute for accountants
  • learn to be organised and structured when they consolidate information into financial statements used by stakeholders for decision-making
  • develop 21st century competencies especially critical thinking and communication skills when they analyse information, make decisions based on it and present their decisions.
  • acquire transferrable skills such as organising and analysing information for decision-making and apply these skills in their daily lives.

Programmes and Outcomes

2019 Work Experience Programme (WEP)

The objectives of the programme are:
  • To expose student to authentic working environment
  • To clarify students’ career goals
  • To expose students to areas that they have learnt in Principles of Accounts are applied in the workplace.
Admirals with our WEP partner.jpg
Admirals with our WEP partner - Planworth Global Factoring (S’pore) Pte Ltd

2021 Financial Literacy for Youths (FLY) Competition

The objectives of the competition:
  • Promote financial literacy among youths
  • Cultivate entrepreneurial spirit in managing finances

There were two rounds of online challenges for this competition. All participating teams took part in Round 1. Only selected teams will go through Round 2, which students prepared a video presentation to share their ideas via Zoom on the financial cost of sustainable living for Hawker Culture.
Students prepare video present.jpg
Students preparing for video presentation on Zoom for Round 2 of the competition.

2022 POA Quest organized by Deyi Secondary School

The objectives of the competition are:
  • instill a sense of excitement and motivate students in learning POA through gamification.
  • foster the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst their peers.

The Quest was conducted online via Zoom.
Students joined the breakout rooms and were given instructions by their individual Game Masters.
Students participant POA Quest.jpg
Students participating in the POA Quest.


IP Head:
Ms Carol Chuen Wei Tan (Mrs Goh) (HOD Mathematics)
Mdm Jessie Gee Wai Hoo (Mrs Chow)
Mdm Ng Jing Min
Mdm Ong Lay Khim