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Learning with Technology


In alignment with the Smart Nation initiative, Admiralty Secondary School’s ICT vision is to develop every student and teachers to be competent in using ICT for self-directed and collaborative learning and is responsible ICT users.   Self-directed learning (SDL) and collaborative learning (CoL) are two essential competencies for a learner to thrive in the knowledge-based 21st century era.  



Impact to students

MOE Curriculum 2015 (C2015) Task Force presented a set of forward-looking outcomes that strike a balance between enduring knowledge and values and the necessary 21st century skills and dispositions which will equip our children to thrive in a fast-changing, globalised world, while remaining uniquely Singaporean.

Impact to teachers

The use of technology supports a dynamic and interactive learning space. It ensures that teachers and students are working in a collaborative, online interconnected community. Therefore teachers have to harness technology as much as possible for academic excellence and administrative efficiency.


Admiralty Secondary aligns all our academic and non-academic programs according to 21st century competencies.  


With the use of tablet device, the students adopt various methodologies and approaches in their learning. For example, students carry out inquisitive learning in science and problem-based approaches in math. The school aims to equip students with necessary competencies and attitudes, so that they become self-directed, confident learner and at the same time, an active contributor and concerned citizen of Singapore.


While students have ubiquitous access to technology anywhere and anytime, it is important they have the ability and self-discipline to take responsibility for his/her own well-being in cyberspace and use the technology in a discerning manner.  Admiralty Secondary adopts 3-step processes to explore cyber wellness issues and encourage parents to partner with school to promote cyber wellness among students. Describe the goals and reasons for conducting the project.

Moving forward

We engaged NIE lecturers to equip teachers with TPACK knowledge and prepares them in lesson design by looking at the technology affordances, pedagogy approaches and content knowledge. Teachers also sign up for Apple Boot Camp conducted by Apple Professional Consultant.  The Camp equips teachers with knowledge on how to use tablet device to enhance their teaching and increase students’ productivity.