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1:1 Computing


In alignment with the ICT vision and goals, Admiralty Secondary School enthusiastically embark on 1:1 computing as the platform to empower students to take ownership of their learning while providing stimulating and dynamic learning environment for students to collaborate and innovate.  



1:1 Computing Framework

Impact to students

Having the device allows each student the opportunity to enter a new dimension of instructional practices, allowing authentic engagement and involvement in their learning.  Learning experiences are purposefully designed to develop the attributes of a self-directed and collaborative learner.  In this way, each student learns to develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, practices and attitudes necessary to be a successful citizen of the 21st century.

Impact to teachers

Teachers can create lessons that cater to the needs of each student and engage them in their learning continuously in a meaningful and interesting approach. Provision of 24/7 access to iPad makes it possible for students to access wider array of resources and apps to support their learning, to facilitate discussion with peers and their teachers, and to become fluent in their use of the technological tools of the 21st Century workplace.


School leaders support the implementation of 1:1 Computing as a whole-school approach.  With the help of industrial partners such as Republic Poly, Nanyang Poly, Apple Singapore and Singapore Science Centre, the school provides professional development of staff as well as training for our students.  Some of the activities that we carried out are Arduino programming by Singapore Science Centre, Creative Education Academy by Apple Singapore, Design & Technology Program by Nanyang Poly and Aviation and Aerospace by Republic Poly. Parents are also involved in ensuring the sustainability of the programs.  This includes academic achievement and cyber wellness of the students.  The school addresses the concerns from parents during Meet-the-Parents session and also organizes talks for parents.  Parents are taught techniques to ensure their child do not use the tablet device excessively and also to monitor their child’s activities.


In order to ensure students take care of the devices for at least 3 years, various measures are carried out to support daily use of the devices such as protective casing and protective screen to prevent any scratches and impact on the device, rental lockers and common lockers for each class to allow students deposit their personal items during recess, PE and CCA time and technical support counter manned by school ICT staff to help students solve simple technical problem. 

Moving forward

One of the important strategies that all teachers agree upon is to equip students with necessary 21st century competencies including communication, collaboration and information skills. ICT plays a very important role for the school to work towards achieving the vision and mission.  We believe that 1:1 Computing is one of the leveraging points for school to actualise admirals’ aspirations. The school has also experimented with mobile broadband technology, creating learning journeys that used iPad in English, science and mathematics.


Click here to view the user guide for 1:1 Computing, Mobile Device Management(MDM) and setting up of your child's device.
Note: Secondary 1 students will receive their iPads in Term 2 Week 4.