ICT Policy



1.        Students who are enrolled into Admiralty Secondary School (ADSS) will take part in learning in a

       1:1 computing environment. Teachers will facilitate students’ learning with the iPad.

2.        Students will be assigned an email account, and given access to Microsoft applications which are registered

       under the school’s domain name.

3.        Students must have an iPad of their own. An iPad is defined as tablet computer with a touch screen interface,

       and runs the iOS operating system. For an optimal learning experience, iPads with the following

       specifications are recommended:

a)     screen size: 9 inch and above;

b)    operating system: iOS 11 and later;

c)     model: iPad Air 2 and later.

4.          Students must bring their fully charged iPad to school for lessons every day.

5.          Only iPads which are installed with Mobile Device Management (MDM) software will be allowed for use

         during lessons. These iPads will bear the “ADSS MDM Enrolled” sticker.

6.          Students should not perform a factory reset on their iPads should there be any problem(s).

        Please bring your iPad to the  General Office to report the issue.


1.     Students should not enter computer facilities (i.e., computer lab and IT Resource Rooms) unless

        accompanied by teachers.

2.          Students should observe computer facilities rules at all times.

3.          Students are to take good care of computer facilities, and ensure that computer equipment and peripherals

        are in good working condition after use. Any student caught vandalising and/or damaging computer

        equipment and peripherals will be dealt with accordingly, and disciplinary action will be taken.

4.          Consumption of food, drinks and sweets in computer facilities is strictly prohibited.

5.          Movement of tables in the Computer Labs is strictly prohibited as this could break and/or expose electrical

        cables and cause danger to yourself and others