1.    If the student did not participate in MDM, would they be able to receive eBooks? 

       No. eBooks would be sent to students through the use of MDM.  Students can access the eBook after they have make the purchase.
       Besides eBook, the school will also send learning materials such as learning journey booklet through MDM. Therefore it is important
       for students to enrol in the MDM to receive the necessary materials.

2.    What are the applications that would be included during the MDM installation?

      • Google applications
      • Microsoft applications
      • eBooks (Math, Science, FCE, English Literature)

3.    What if the student does not have an iPad or android device? 

        Under 1:1 Computing Programme, the school policy requires that every students should own a tablet device as their personal
        learning tool so as to enhance their learning and equip them with 21st century competencies. The school curriculum is also
        specially designed to align to the 1:1 Computing Programme.

What if I do not want to enrol into the MDM programme?

        The MDM installation is compulsory as it is part of the school’s effort to ensure that students stay focussed, technical challenges
        are minimized and learning becomes more effective.

        Under the MDM programme, students are able to receive:
        1) all the notes and learning materials wirelessly such as the Students’ Handbook, learning journey materials, eBooks and etc.
        2) all the applications (even paid apps if it is required in most of the subjects) for free.

5.    How long will the tablet device be enrolled under the MDM?

       The tablet device will be enrolled under MDM during your course of study in Admiralty Secondary.

       Your device will change to school settings from 730am to the end of the last period for the day.

       In the event when the students misuse the device at home, the parent can make an official request to extend the school
       settings on the tablet device 24 hours a day under the MDM.

6.    Can I use my own mobile data on my tablet device?

       Yes, you can use your own mobile data. However, if you wish to receive materials and updates through MDM, you would
       need to login to the school WiFi.

7.    Will the school WiFi is able to support this programme?
       Yes, we are in the midst of upgrading our wireless technology in the school. The wireless connection and the coverage
       will be better next year.

8.     If the student has an Android tablet device, would they be able to be part of this MDM programme?

        It is encouraged to use iPad because majority of the apps and learning materials are optimized for iOS. As the school’s
        focus is teaching and learning, we do spend some time to design our materials based on a single platform which is iOS.
        We have yet to optimize our materials for Android platform. Therefore it is advisable to use iPad for the 1:1 Computing Programme.

        For MDM installation, it is applicable to iOS device. We are still in the midst of finding an Android application to support MDM.


If you need more information regarding MDM, do refer to this website for more details.