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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

In Admiralty Secondary School, we aim to establish a seamless learning environment for conducive teaching and learning. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is an initiative taken by Admiralty Secondary School in managing all iPads that are being used for our 1:1 Computing Programme.

With MDM, students' iPad will be configured to a specific setting and content.  The school is also able to distribute important materials such as forms, schedule, Students' Handbook to the iPads.  Students' iPads will be under supervision during school hours starting from 7.30 am and will be released from supervision after school hours at 2.50 pm.

The MDM also deploys necessary learning apps into students' iPad wirelessly. Through these apps, students will carry out learning customised for their class. The MDM also allows seamless network connection for the iPads that are under supervision.

Example of apps that are deployed to students' iPads via Mobile Device Management (MDM).

A demo of how MDM is being activated every day.