The NEU-PC Plus Programme by IMDA provides opportunity for students of low income families to own a computing device at a subsidise price. Since the inception on 1:1 Computing Programme in Year 2015, successful applicants have purchased a tablet device with free apps and 3 years of free broadband subscription at a subsidised price.

  • The application is open to Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.
  • The Applicant must be a full time student in Admiralty Secondary School.
  • Past recipient of a PC bundle under the NEU PC Plus Programme who received a tablet device, may reapply only after a lapse of three (3) years from last deployment to the household.
A Tablet device includes:
  • iPad 32GB Wifi minimum or equivalent.
  • Productivity tools and apps.
  • Mobile Device Management Software
  • 1 year warranty

  • The Applicant's combined gross monthly household income must not exceed $3,400 OR the per capita income* of the Applicant's household most not exceed $900. If there is a permanently disabled household member, per capita income must not exceed $1,125.
  • Each eligible household can only apply for one (1) device regardless of the total number of school-going children.
    *Per capita income (PCI) refers to the gross monthly household income divided by the total number of household members

Income Singaporean Permanent Resident
MOE FAS Student Tier 1 Subsidy
(up to 75%) 
Tier 2 Subsidy
(up to 50%)
Non MOE FAS Student

Gross monthly
household income
<= $3400


Per Capita Income
> $700 and <= $900
Tier 2 subsidy
(up to 50%)
Tier 2 subsidy
(up to 50%)

You may fill in the NEU-PC Application form below and submit completed form with relevant documents
to Admiralty Secondary School's General Office during office hours: