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Citizenship Ceremony 2018

Obtaining one’s Identity Card is a coming-of-age moment for all Admirals, as it reaffirms our identity as Singaporeans. We believe Admirals will uphold their responsibilities as Singaporeans and cherish the privileges that comes along with being a Singapore Citizen. 

To commemorate this momentous occasion, Admiralty Secondary School  organised the Citizenship Ceremony and invited Admiral of the Year 2014, Mr Fu Kah Deng, to share his journey as an Armour officer during National Service. Admirals listened to the sacrifices that one had to make in order to keep Singapore safe and learnt that everyone has a part to play in ensuring the nation’s well-being.

Students' Voices



Citizenship ceremony_2018_1.JPG
Mr Fu Kah Deng sharing his experience on serving the nation as an Armour officer.

Citizenship ceremony_2018_1.JPG
Form Teacher, Ms Sylvia Lim presenting the NRICs to Admirals.

Citizenship ceremony_2018_3.jpeg
Form Teacher, Mr Ong Yi Jun presenting the NRICs to Admirals.

Citizenship ceremony_2018_4.jpeg
Admirals with their NRICs – proud to be a Singaporean.

Citizenship ceremony_2018_5.jpeg
Admirals taking the Singapore National Pledge to reaffirm their commitment as Singaporeans.