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Staff Retreat 2022

After a hiatus of 2 years due to the pandemic, all staff finally managed to embark on a staff retreat to take stock and learn new skills with each other’s company.

To increase awareness of staff on the post-secondary landscape and exposure to different cuisines, all staff went on a learning journey to At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy where they learnt to cook different three course meals. In addition, staff also had the opportunity to identify various herbs. It was a fun-filled day for all staff as they filled their stomachs with their own cooking, as the school recognised all who had contributed to the great year we had!

2022_staff retreat_photo1.jpg

All staff gathered and ready for the day’s activities!

2022_staff retreat_photo2.jpg

Ms Renuka using her sense of smell to identify an unknown herb.

2022_staff retreat_photo3.jpg

A group photo for the memories!

2022_staff retreat_photo4.jpg
Mrs Sabar, Ms Syazana and Ms Nadiah preparing the ingredients for their salad.

2022_staff retreat_photo5.jpg

Mr Lam and his team preparing their 3-course Singaporean cuisine lunch.

2022_staff retreat_photo6.jpg

Staff rolling the dough and preparing their handmade pasta.