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S1 Open House

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We will be having our physical open house this year on 26 November 2022, between 9am – 12pm. Click on this link to register! Slots are available for a sharing by our Principal and student leaders, as well as a guided school tour.


Every student is different. They have a diverse range of talents, distinct personalities, and respond to learning methods unequally. There is a different destination for each of them, and the journey is also varied. To each their own.

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Students need suitable platforms, a wide range of exposure and experiences, well-rounded support systems, and a set of uncompromising values to navigate their own way.

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Welcome to Admiralty Secondary School.

Classroom without walls

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We value a broad range of learning experiences, beyond the classroom. Some activities are organised by the school, others, including major school events such as Racial Harmony and National Day, are planned and run by students. By the time they graduate, some of these students would have gained valuable, relevant experience and skills that would be applicable anywhere.

Applied Learning Programme

“Making a Lightsaber” Workshop is a part of our Applied Learning Programme.

Design thinking through innovation and technology. Through hands-on programming and engineering work, site visits and industry expert sharing, we hope to provide our students with some practical learning experiences and to inspire creative and innovative thinking. More details.

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Learning for Life Programme

Nurturing mindful leaders through community service. What use is a competent but self-centred person? We believe in exposing our students to the needs of the community, and at the same time empower them with the tools to make a difference. More details.
Co-Curricular Activities

CCAs offered in Admiralty. Click here to find out more about the talent areas under our Direct School Admission programme.

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