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The Alumni committee was set up in 2016 to gather all alumni from yesteryears to provide an opportunity for them to contribute back to the school and the community. This started with the planning for the school's 15th Anniversary Homecoming Dinner. Since then, the alumni of the school has been invited back for various school programs including the Staff Appreciation Day celebrations and the National Robotics Programming Competition.

These invitations provides a platform for the current students and alumni to bond. Ex-students of previous batches contributed by coming back to the school and participating in friendly matches against teams from the current batch of students from the sports CCAs, putting up a very strong competition. Ex-students have also contributed ideas and supported the section masters in their respective Uniform Groups. They are also co-organising the Prom Night with current members of the school.

There are many avenues and platforms where alumni can contribute back to the school. If you are an alumni of the school and wish to contribute, do contact the school at alumni@admiraltysec.edu.sg or nurzafirah_mohamad_zainal@moe.edu.sg.

Admirals Visiting during Chinese New Year Celebration.JPG
Admirals visiting during Chinese New Year

Alumni attending 15th Anniversary Dinner as Prize Receiptients.JPGAlumni attending 15th Anniversary Dinner

Alumni_ Ex-Teacher and Ex-Students.jpgEx-teachers & Ex-students

Different Generations of Alumni attending the Inaugural Homecoming Dinner.jpg
Different generations of alumni attending the Inaugural Homecoming Dinner

Generations of Leaders helping out during Secondary One Confidence Camp 2017.JPGGenerations of Leaders helping out during Secondary One Confidence Camp 2017