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Character & Citizenship Education


(CCE is central to Admiralty Secondary School’s vision of a “Values Centric, Thinking School”. The school believes in holistic development of our students to become confident, concerned, self-directed and contributing Admirals. CCE is integrated in our Curricular and Co-Curricular programmes - achieved by inculcating values, building Social Emotional (SE) competencies and developing 21st Century Competencies in our Admirals.cce001.png
Framework for 21st Century Competencies and Student Outcome (source: MOE: CCE Syllabus, 2014)

The explicit teaching of values and social and emotional competencies are carried out through the CCE Lessons (LIGHTS lesson), school-based CCE programmes and CCE Guidance Modules. 
  • CCE Lesson (LIGHTS Lesson)
  • School-Based CCE programmes 
  • CCE Guidance Modules : Education and Career Guidance (ECG), Sexuality Education (SEd), Cyber Wellness (CW))

The application and reinforcement of the values and social and emotional competencies is facilitated through the various Admiralty Experience Programmes.
  • Co-curricular Activities (CCA)
  • Student Leadership Development Programme (SLD)
  • Values-in-Action Programme (VIA)
  • Student Development Programme 
  • Cohort Experience
  • Citizenship Education Commemoration 


Head of Department

Ms Subashini Varlivell

National Education (NE) Coordinators

Ms Subashini Varlivell

Mdm Woo Lai Yee Samantha

Cyber Wellness (CW) Coordinators :

Ms Chin Hui Jing

Mr Liew Chiat Siang

Sexuality Education (SEd) Coordinators:


Ms Sue En Connie

Mdm Chow Shin Yun

Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Coordinators:


Mrs Karen Yap – Tay Kai Yun

Ms Charmaine Lau

Values-In-Action (VIA) Coordinators:


Mdm Tamil Selvi d/o Ramanujam

Ms Subashini Varlivell

Student Leadership Development (SLD) Coordinators:


Mr Chong Teck Seng Nigel

Mr Liew Chiat Siang

Ms Subashini

CCE Committee Members

·       Mr Achmad Nasrun Bin Abdul Kalam

·       Mr Chan Huazhi

·       Mdm Chew Wei Xin

·       Mdm Chow Shin Yun

·       Mdm Diyanah Binte Mohamad Yunos

·       Ms Dorothy Phua Hui Hong

·       Mdm Lisda Bte Mohd Amin

·       Ms Nuriah Bte Mohd Noor 

·       Ms Renuka Devi d/o Raghunathan 

·       Ms Zhuo Yanping



LIGHTS Lesson (Themed Based Lesson and Social Skills Lesson)

The CCE Committee plans the CCE curriculum and supports teachers to facilitate the lessons effectively in classroom. The lessons are categorised by themes that highlight the interconnectedness in the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills across different contexts and situations in life. Lessons are conducted during the LIGHTS period in the school timetable.

Themes & Social Skills


The Leader Within

Having the strength of character

Family Our Foundation

Our pillar of love and life

Being a Positive Influence

Inspiring others to be good and do good

Thinking Heart, Feeling Mind

Developing socially and emotionally competent learners

U and I in the Community

Understanding and building our community

This is Home, Truly

Appreciating our country, our home

The World in Singapore

Being Singaporeans in a globalised world

Social Skills Lesson

Social Skills to enact the Social Emotional (SE) Competencies anchored on values


Admirals learning LIGHTS through object lessons.

Admirals sharing with one another who their role models are.

Learning collaboratively during LIGHTS lesson.

Citizenship Education

The citizenship education learning experiences are anchored on the Citizenship Disposition, that will enable our students to develop Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-cultural Skills and function effectively as active citizens who are rooted to Singapore.
Citizenship Disposition (source: NE resource booklet, 2019)

The Citizenship Education in Admiralty Secondary School is a whole school approach as summarized below:



Admirals taking the national pledge with pride and dedication.

Admirals participating in an assembly skit during the Total Defence Day Commemoration.

Confident Admirals forming the Uniformed Group contingents during the National Day Celebrations.

Gracious Admirals bonding over games during the Racial Harmony Day Celebrations

Environmental Education

In Admiralty Secondary School, we believe in nurturing Admirals who are concerned about the environment and its sustainability. Environmental Education in Admiralty Secondary School is a whole-school approach and spearheaded by the Art and Environment Club.



Admirals creating environmental awareness through their VIA projects and YED week



Admirals advocating the effort to reduce plastic waste through a “No Straw” movement in school.