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Cyber Wellness


Cyberwellness is an important aspect of our Admiralty Secondary School’s customized LIGHTS curriculum. A collaborative effort between the CCE and the ICT department, it is a whole-school approach which goes beyond the CW programmes for the various levels. 

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Department HeadMr. Coleman Chong Lee Soong (HOD/ICT)
 Ms. Di Islin Bte Mohd Isa 
Subject HeadMr. Ang Shi Da (SH/CCE)
Cyber Wellness CoordinatorMr Lee Boon Kiat
Committee MemberOng Hui Ping 


Themed Cyber Wellness Package Lesson

Cyber Wellness takes on a whole school approach as each level focus on different themes based on 4As: Awareness, Appreciation, Action and Advocacy. Conducted by all form teachers, everyone plays a crucial role in developing cyber wellness literacy in our Admirals.

Cyber Wellness lessons are infused into LIGHTS lessons. There are different themes for different levels which are able to be Safe; be Smart and be Kind. The students are brought through online safety; credibility of information sources and creating a positive influence online.

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Cyber Wellness Week

Cyber Wellness was held in term 1 with the theme "Be Kind, Be Smart and Be Safe"

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Cyber Wellness games booth by Cyber Wellness Ambassadors

Cyber Wellness Assembly Programme

Touch Cyber Wellness was engaged for the school's assembly programme on the themes "Gaming, Gadgets and Worrying Pressures", "Catching The Web Of Lies - Say "Yes" to Cyber Wellness", where admirals reflect about their actions in cyberspace through interactive skits. Admirals also became more aware of the dangers of cyberspace.

Cyberwellness 02.png
Engaged Admirals during the Cyber Wellness assembly programme

Cyber Wellness @ Racial Harmony Week

Students took to cyberspace to advocate Racial Harmony messages to their peers.

Cyberwellness 03.png
Teachers, staff and students at the Racial Harmony Photobooth