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  • Values-Centric, Thinking Admiral, Committed to the Progress of Singapore



  • Empowering Every Admiral to Explore, Develop, Plan Proactively and Actualize Aspirations.

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To be the link between the students and their aspirations through the following:

  • enabling Admirals to explore viable education and career options through the provision of accurate and comprehensive information;
  • nurturing self-awareness, self-directedness and life skills to set goals, to continually learn, and add value to their future workplace;
  • inculcating an appreciation for the value of all occupations and how they contribute to the well- functioning of society;
  • equipping Admirals with skills and means to positively engage their parents and other career influencers

Approaches to build a pervasive ADSS ECG culture

  • Teacher-facilitated LIGHTS lessons
  • RIASEC profiling
  • Sharing by professionals
  • Booths by post-secondary educational institutions (PSEI)
  • Learning Journeys for students, parents and teachers



ECG Coordinator        :  Mr Hong Chin Keat
Members                   : Mr Abdul Salem
Mr Achmad Nasrun
Ms. Leong Mun Yi


Professionals sharing and booths by PSEI


  • To improve Admirals’ understanding of the jobs available in the market; and 
  • To develop understanding of wide range of courses available at PSEI

As part of the upper secondary level programmes and education career guidance, ADSS invited 15 professionals to share about their job scopes and career prospects of the industry. A wide range of professionals were invited, including marketing experts from Grab, front desk manager from St Regis Singapore, and an gym-instructor turned entrepreneur. The personal and candid sharing by these professionals introduced Admirals to the wide range of careers available to them after graduating from secondary school. 


Mr Razif Yusoff, co-founder of PushPullGive, sharing his story of how he turned his passion in health and fitness into a career as an entrepreneur in this industry.

In addition, all five polytechnics and the ITE set up booths at the foyer for Admirals to find out more about the courses available at their institutions. They also interacted with students from these institutions to learn more about life as a tertiary student.

ecg_002.jpgAdmirals browsing the booths set up by the institutions and interacting with polytechnic and ITE students. 

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Advanced Elective Modules and Elective Modules


  • Allow Admirals to experience life as a student in one of our polytechnics or ITE;
  • Clarify interest for Admirals to make informed and considered decisions on their post-secondary courses;
  • Acquire knowledge and experience different style of learning not commonly done in school;
  • Boost portfolio in preparation for Polytechnic and ITE Early Admissions Exercise. 

Upper secondary Admirals have the option of signing up for Advanced Elective Modules and Elective Modules conducted by the polytechnics and ITE respectively. Through these modules, Admirals further their interest in applied areas of learning, clarify their understanding of the courses offered by these institutions and immerse themselves in an applied mode of learning.  


Secondary 4 students, Chen Jun Wei and Dinie Mateen working together to complete an electrical circuit, simulating light fixtures at homes.

Secondary 4 students, Sim Ren Ci and Siti Sykirah working on a 3D computer modelling animation of a bowling ball striking bowling pins.