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Student Leadership


The Student Leadership Development team focuses on the student’s development of personal and inter-personal effectives, which enables the student to effectively assume responsibilities that serve his/her peers and the community.

In Admiralty Secondary School, we believe that effective and mindful leaders can be nurtured. As such, the development of leadership in students is intentional. We also believe that every student has the potential to be developed as a leader and will be given an opportunity to showcase their leadership skills.

Our Student Leadership Development programmes are in line with the school’s vision of Values-Centric, Thinking School. There is a need to ground leadership in sound values to enable student leaders to lead others to achieve goals in an ethical way. To strengthen the effectiveness of the programmes, our school integrates The Leadership Challenge theory in our curriculum. The programmes are also in line with the different level outcomes (Self/Peer/Team/Thought Leadership) in order to develop them holistically.


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Leadership Development Activities


The following activities were designed to train appointed student leaders in skills of management, communication, leadership, mentoring and delegation traits:



  • The Student Leadership Challenge workshops (All Sec 1s & 2s Admirals)
  • Character and Citizenship Education lessons related to leadership
  • Student Leaders’ Leadership Workshops
  • Student Council Training
  • Sports Leaders Training
  • Class Committee and Subject Representatives Training



  • Student Leaders Investiture
  • Student Leader's Forum
  • Student Leader's Focussed Group Discussion cum Retreat
  • School Events: Secondary 1 Orientation Camp / Teacher's Day Celebration / National Education Events etc.




Subject Head                    :  Mr. Kelvin Goh Huan Bok


Members of Teacher          : Mr. Tay Peiyong
Ms. Shannon Lim Hui Yu
Ms. Mok Kaie See


Students Leaders’ Investiture 2016

Admiralty Secondary School held our 3rd Students Leaders’ Investiture on 18th April 2016 to recognize student leaders in Admiralty Secondary. It was an occasion to introduce newly-appointed leaders from various classes, CCAs and the Student Council to the student body. A total of 163 student leaders were officially appointed on that day (67 Student Councilors, 36 CCA Leaders and 60 Class Leaders). They came together, united as one, pledging to work closely to foster greater school spirit among the Admirals.

The 3rd Students Leaders’ Investiture 2016 

Our outgoing 2015 Exco member, together with her supportive parents