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In Admiralty Secondary School, Values in Action (VIA) is integrated with the Learning for Life Programme - Nurturing Mindful Leaders through Community Outreach. VIA is an essential learning experience for Admirals to support their holistic development, in particular their socio-emotional competencies. The team aims to bring authentic learning experiences that influence the community positively. This is enabled by our school’s close collaboration with external community organisations. Admirals apply Design Thinking principles to empathise with different groups of the community, and collaborate with peers to make positive and meaningful contributions.


VIA Overall Coordinator : Mr Ang Shi Da (Subject Head / Partnerships)
 VIA Coordinators Mdm Chan Bao Xuan (2I/C)
Ms. Diyana Mohamad Yunos
Mdm Tamil Selvi d/o Ramanujam
Mdm Radiah Baba
Ms Nurain bte Zulkepli



Learning for Life Programme

Care and Repair @ North West

In collaboration with North West Community Development Council (NWCDC), classes embark on a 1.5 year journey in upper secondary to contribute to residents in the community. Using Design Thinking principles, Admirals conduct survey with residents of rental blocks, ideate and plan for a block party and a residents’ outing. 


Our Admirals with community partners at Service Week 2019 – Sembawang


Admirals participating in WeCare @NorthWest – Service Week 2019 at Blk 785A, Woodlands View

Admirals participating in WeCare @NorthWest – Block Party at Blk 512, Wellington Circle

National Kidney Foundation Young Champs Programme

In collaboration with National Kidney Foundation, students visited the Kidney Discovery Centre at NKF HQ. During the trip, they learnt about the importance of kidney health. They also engaged in activities with dialysis patients at NKF Dialysis Centres.

Admirals visiting the NKF Dialysis Centre to engage dialysis patients and learn how to empathise with kidney patients.

School Based VIA Programmes


Visits to Woodlands Care Home


Secondary 3 students and CCA groups plan activities for the residents at Woodlands Care Home. Admirals leverage their interests and skills to organise fun-filled sessions, including musical performances, art and craft sessions, and exercise sessions.

Admirals engaging residents of Woodlands Care Home with fun-filled activities.

VWO Visits during School Celebrations

Residents from Woodlands Care Home and Sree Narayana Mission Home are invited to the school to join us during major school celebrations such as Chinese New Year and National Day. Admirals plan, organise, host and interact with residents to share the joy of the celebrations and give back to the community.