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Tagline:  “Upholding the Wushu Spirit”

At Admiralty Secondary School, the Wushu CCA comprises a team of resilient individuals who bear a passion for the sport. Students train and practice with dedicated effort, drawing strength from unity. Together the team strives to achieve excellence in inter-school competitions.

Our CCA aims to (as according to CCA SDP):

Equip students with the knowledge, understanding and skills for expressive traditional Wushu performance and safe practice of Wushu;

Inculcate in students an appreciation for Wushu and its spirit during and beyond the school years;

Promote leadership skills that will enable students to influence others and serve the community.

Key Activities (Annual)

Learning and Enrichment programmes
  • Weekly training
  • Performances (e.g.: Chinese New Year, Homecoming)
Competitions for Exposure and Experience
  • • National School Games Wushu Championships
  • MCC National Wushu Championship 2017


CCA Teachers-in-charge

Mr Tan Yuanyan (Overall IC)


Ms Nge Hui Peng (2nd IC)


Ms Soo Zhi Yi

CCA Student Leaders


B Girls Captain: Tan Ying Shan Shannon (Sec 4)
B Girls Vice-Captain: Ong Xiang Han (Sec 4)

B Boys Captain: Lee Sheng Woei (Sec 4)
B Boys Vice-Captain: Chen Xi (Sec 4)



B Girls Captain: Rachel Goh Hui Qi (Sec 3)
B Girls Vice-Captain: Elysha Sherina (Sec 3)

B Boys Captain: Liew En Wei Dylan (Sec 3)B Boys Vice-Captain: Jay Yeo Si Jie (Sec 3)

Photos of Students in Key Activities

wushu_001.jpgB Boys putting in their best effort in the Group Weapon event.


B Division Girls did themselves proud in the Group Quanshu (拳术) category, and achieved a record performance for the ADSS Wushu Team.

The C Division Boys feeling elated after they exceeded expectations in the C Division Boys Group Weapon Event.