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Learning for Life Program

 An integral part of the Student Development curriculum is the LLP where Admirals are nurtured into Mindful Leaders through Community Outreach. Through this programme, students are equipped with essential lifeskills including ‘The Leadership Challenge’ practices and Design Thinking which are then applied in solving authentic community issues. 21st Century Competencies including Civic Literacy and Cross-cultural skills, Critical and Inventive Thinking as well as Communication, Collaboration and Information skills would be enhanced through this programme.


In Admiralty Secondary School, we believe that every Admiral is a leader and the Learning for Life Programme (LLP) is an integral part of Character and Citizenship Education curriculum. The programme aims to nurture mindful leaders who are confident, concerned, self-directed and contributing Admirals.


At Admiralty Secondary School, Student Leadership Development and Values-In-Action are enablers for our Learning for Life programme (LLP). We have integrated The Leadership Challenge (TLC) model by Kouzes and Posner to develop Admirals’ leadership skills, and adopted the Design Thinking approach in the Values-In-Action programme.

The LLP is a 2-tiered programme designed for Admirals to be equipped with, and apply their knowledge and skills in an authentic setting. 

Tier 1

The tier 1 curriculum is conducted during the LIGHTS period. It equips students with 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership from TLC.


Tier 2

Anchored in the Design Thinking approach, Upper secondary students collaborate with community partners and address community needs in their Values-in-Action project.

Students' Voices




Experiential learning to build trust and enable others to act.


Admirals inspiring a shared vision through developing their class’ aspiration.

Admirals understanding the needs of the community through a visit before they commence on their LLP project.

Admirals collaborated with NWCDC to engage the community.

Admirals in the community as members of Youth Assembly, NWCDC to serve the community beyond school projects.