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Learning for Life Program

 An integral part of the Student Development curriculum is the LLP where Admirals are nurtured into Mindful Leaders through Community Outreach. Through this programme, students are equipped with essential lifeskills including ‘The Leadership Challenge’ practices and Design Thinking which are then applied in solving authentic community issues. 21st Century Competencies including Civic Literacy and Cross-cultural skills, Critical and Inventive Thinking as well as Communication, Collaboration and Information skills would be enhanced through this programme.



In this LLP, students will be exposed to real world problems and situations experienced by different community groups, such as theseniors in the community. The programme integrates theory with practice, where every student has a platform to put concepts learnt in class into practice in an authentic setting. Asense of empathy for people in the community and appreciation for the pioneers of Singapore would be developed in students besides the school values (LIGHTS).


Leveraging the Experiential Learning (Kolb, 1984) process, hands-on community project reflection and teacher-facilitated discussions, these experiences and learning while working alongside the community would be transferred to students’ everyday lives, especially, in their interaction with family members. As such, students will be empowered to lead a successful life beyond school.





The LLP includes the explicit teaching of the 5 Practices of leadership (Model the way, Inspire a shared vision, Challenge the process, Enable others to act, Encourage the heart) and their associated 10 Commitments from Kouzes and Posner’s (1987) ‘The Leadership Challenge’ Model. In addition, students are equipped with Project Management and Presentation skills.





The LLP promotes application of the leadership practices and Service-learning skills learnt in authentic situations relating to different aspects of the community. Using the Design Thinking process, students are guided to reflect and internalise their observations and learning.




 ‘Personality can open doors, but only Character can keep them open.’

                                                                                                            Elmer Letterman