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Secondary 1 Level Programs


To ease the transition to secondary school life, the Secondary 1 Admirals embarked on a series of programmes which were aimed at nurturing self-confidence and forging team spirit among the classes.


Year Head (Lower Secondary)Ms. Chin Hui Jing
Assistant Year Head (Sec 1) Ms. Hazel Peh 
Year Manager (Sec 1)Ms. Chia Ji Ying Nik 
Form Teachers  
1E1Ms. Gadis Mutiara 
 Ms. Lim Chien Ru 
1E2Ms. Tay Wei Ling 
 Ms. Cai Shulan 
1E3Ms. Elena Thein 
 Mr. Kenneth Phua 
1N1Mr. Calvin Tee 
 Ms. Fazylah
 Ms. Jacqueline Lim
1N2Ms. Ong Hui Ping 
 Ms. Liyana
 Mr. Tan Chong Heng
1T1Mr. Jeremy Lim 

Ms. Masrurah Hanim
 Ms. Nurzafirah


Secondary 1 Orientation

As part of welcoming the Secondary 1s to the Admiralty family, the week-long Orientation Programme was organised for students to assimilate better into the school and ease the transition from primary to secondary school.

Through the activities organised by the members of the Student Council, they were provided with opportunities for interaction between teachers and peers to build meaningful relationships. The students participated in activities such as ice-breakers, team-bonding games, school tour, dragon-boating and school cheers.

Admirals getting to know one another

Admirals trying out different CCAs as part of the CCA Experience

03.pngCultivating team spirit and resilience through dragon boating

Secondary 1 Confidence Camp

As part of the post-examination activities for the Secondary 1 Admirals. The Secondary 1 Confidence Camp was held in school. Over the 2-day 1-night camp, the team spirit, resilience and confidence of the Secondary 1 Admirals were put to the test.

Admirals learning simple life skills and building self-confidence

Pitching a tent as a team

Building team spirit through team bonding games