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Secondary 3 Level Programs



To inculcate the values of a Concerned Admiral, the secondary 3 Admirals embarked on a series of programmes that help to build competencies such as diversity appreciation, social responsibility, perspective taking, positive relationship building and civic consciousness. These programmes provide a holistic education in the cognitive, aesthetic, moral, physical and social domains.



Acting Assistant Year Head (Sec 3)

Mdm Joyce Seow 

Year Manager (Sec 3)

Mr. Jonathan Jacobs

Form Teachers



Mr. Ray Chua


Ms. Fazylah Binte Abd Rahman


Mr. Terence Tan


Ms. Gadis Mutiara Ashari


Mr. Achmad Nasrun Bin Abdul Kalam


Ms. Chong Ying Xi


Ms. Chew Wei Xin


Ms. Diyana Binti Jumahat


Mr. Mohammed Faizal Bin Md Thah


Ms. Chan Bao Xuan


Mdm Tamil Selvi d/o Ramanujam


Mr. Jacob Jonathan


Mdm Joyce Seow


Ms. Nuriah Binte Mohd Noor


Mr. Tung Cheng Boon Adrian


Ms. Nadiah Binte Mohamed Shah


Mr. Mark Ang


Ms. Cheris Tan



As part of ADSS Co-Curriculum, the Secondary 3 iconic programmes aim to provide

  • Age-appropriate exposure and development to Secondary 3 students in the CLAMPS (Cognitive, Leadership, Aesthetics, Moral, Physical and Social) domains and
  • Experiential learning opportunities for Secondary 3 students to develop high expectation, life-long learning attitudes, self-discipline and resilience to be Self-Directed Admirals.



Secondary 3 Cohort Camp – Outward Bound Singapore (OBS)

This camp is an ‘outdoor classroom’ which provides opportunities for Secondary 3 Admirals to discover and develop their potential as individuals and student leaders. The camp aims to:

  • synergize closer interdependence and promote teambuilding  amongst Secondary 3 Admirals
  • develop Secondary 3 Admirals self-confidence, resilience, perseverance and endurance
  • develop Secondary 3 Admirals in social emotional competencies of social awareness, self-awareness and self-management as well as focusing on problem solving skills whilst working as a team
  • nurture an appreciation of the natural environment in Secondary 3 Admirals



Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Open House

In line with ADSS CCE objective, this cohort trip aims to develop a sense of national pride among Secondary 3 Admirals as they witness RSAF as a first class air force of the world. Through the understanding of the importance of national security, ADSS also hopes to promote Secondary 3 Admiral’s commitment towards nation building.  In addition, Secondary 3 Admirals will be exposed to the possible education and career options offered by the Singapore Arm Forces.