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Secondary 1 Level Programmes


Transition to secondary school education is an exciting phase – a new chapter in students’ schooling life begins. At Admiralty Secondary, we feel that a positive education experience is dependent on positive relationships around the student - a strong network of support via meaningful relationships with teachers, and between peers. 

The programmes and learning experiences that we provide at Secondary 1 will support students in getting to know themselves better, develop trusting friendships and forge team spirit among the classes.


Secondary 1 Orientation

The Orientation Programme is organised annually by members of the Student Council Board to welcome Admirals to the Admiralty family. Through ice-breakers and team-bonding games, Secondary 1 Admirals can build positive relationships with their teachers and peers.

Admirals engaging in team-building games

CCA Experience

The CCA Experience in January helps students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves - their unique interests and abilities. This helps them to make an informed decision to select from the exciting range of CCAs which is offered at Admiralty Secondary.

Admirals trying out different CCAs as part of the CCA Experience

Dragon Boating

The CCA Experience in Through the iconic Dragon-Boating activity organised on one afternoon, Admirals will learn an important lesson on teamwork as the class rows in unison towards their goals. At the end of the “voyage”, they will be rewarded with stunning views of our city skyline from their boats – analogous to how Admirals can achieve their aspirations with effort and perseverance.

Admirals set sail!

Admirals completed the voyage, as a team.

Cultivating team spirit and resilience through dragon boating