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Secondary 2 Level Programmes


At Secondary 2, the focus of our programmes is to build Admirals’ competencies in relationship management, civic consciousness and social responsibility. This is an important year of growth – preparation to take on leadership roles in CCA and development of clarity of personal aspirations to inform subject choices for upper secondary level.


Overseas Cultural Immersion Programme

This annual overseas cultural immersion programme seeks to develop Admirals’ global awareness and cross-cultural skills. Through the heritage tours, Admirals will observe how History in their textbooks come alive, and appreciate the culture and heritage of Malaysia. The school immersion will also enable Admirals to interact with local students over two days, and experience the life of a student in Malaysia.

In 2019, the school embarked on its inaugural trip to Penang, and previous cohorts had visited Malacca.

Interaction with local students in Penang during the two-day school immersion programme

Experiencing Batik painting under the guidance of local students

A walk through the Harmony Street in Penang to understand the significance of racial harmony

Lifeskills Programme

This programme aims to equip students with basic life skills such as outdoor cooking, tent pitching and basic first aid skills. Through the programme, Admirals are also better prepared for the Secondary 3 OBS programme.

Admirals put theory into action – practising important first-aid skills for times of emergency

sd_sec2_005.jpgAdmirals enjoy their meal prepared outdoors, an extension of culinary skills learnt from Food & Consumer Education lessons